Tips to Do DIY Crafts & Arts Projects with Your Kids

Doing crafts is fun, especially if you are going to tag along your kids. Kids basically like to create stuffs as well as making a mess. However, some parents are concerned and stressed out about how they are going to do the project well, while keeping their kids behave at their best manners. You don’t have to worry about it, if you know the tips and tricks. Be sure that tagging your kids along can be a great experience that will bond you and your kids together.Fun Tips to Do Fun Craft Projects with Your Kids1

Here are some basic tips that you can do to make sure that everything will go well as well as making your kids comply with all your instructions.

Be logical. You are going to tag your kids along, so expect mess and disorderly. You need to admit to yourself that you can’t really expect everything to happen in order and neat manner; not with your kids around. However, you can always deal with the mess in the easiest and less stressful way. For instance, if you are worried about glue drops or paper bits, you can cover the floor where you will be working with newspapers. If you are worried about marker stain on the shirt, make sure that everyone wears apron, or you can have them wear their DIY craft clothes, so you won’t have to stress out about stains. You can also use washable markers. Be sure to make this experience as fun as possible; don’t fuss over little things.

Give examples of how the DIY crafts should look like, but don’t be too firm or strict about the final result. You can give them several options of how the end result should look like. It would provide less stress for you as well as them. Let them explore their artistic and creative side. In case they stick the ears where the eyes should be, don’t shout or fuss over it. How the end result should look like isn’t as important as how they do the activities.Fun Tips to Do Fun Craft Projects with Your Kids

Pick a DIY craft that is perfect for your kids’ age range. The complicated ones can be designed for older kids, while the younger ones should get the easier projects. Cutting and sticking projects can be done for kids between the age of 3 or 4 because they are able to use scissors. Younger kids can perform the coloring arts. If you are tired and bored with the regular markers, you can use ‘dipping’ method: dip the hands in color paint and then attach them to the paper. Hot glue – which is a must have art item – isn’t appropriate for kids below 5, while older kids can handle them better.

Make sure to use a specific area for doing the DIY craft project. If you use the kitchen table or the dining table, and yet the project isn’t done and you have to use the table right away, it can be frustrating. You will end up yelling at your kids and everyone will be in bad mood in the end.

Make sure that you have the craft materials for your kids – different from yours. If you use your materials for them and it ends up wasting your materials, you will end up being moody and cranky.

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