7 Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000 December 2017

Have you been looking for queen bedroom sets all this time? Surely, finding the best one is not a simple task at all. There are many queen bedroom sets after all. The best way to sort them out is to set price you can afford to buy any of those sets. Of course, you can get queen bedroom sets under 1000 from them. However, even for buying this, there are things to think about beforehand.

Choose Bed Design that Complements the Room

After you have sorted all queen bedroom sets out by the price under $1000, it is the time for you to sort them out by the design of bed you want to own. Bed is one of furniture to complement bedroom design. So, the design should complement to each other. Bed itself has various designs to choose. It can be rustic, traditional, contemporary, modern, natural, etc. Choosing one design that complements your bedroom is the wise thing to do. You absolutely can’t choose something that will make bedroom design idea fall apart just because the existence of one out-of-ordinary bed.

Ensure the Bed’s Strength from Its Materials

If you have found the ones with the design you want, you should start to look into them in more detail. What we mean here is to check on the materials used to make the bed. Everything will be no use at all if the bed we choose is not strong enough to withstand the weight we will put on it. Furniture is considered to be strong enough if it is made of strong materials. Speaking about strong materials, the beds are better made of the ones, like hardwoods, solids, and other strong materials. This will ensure your safety as well as its durability for more years to come.

Take a Look at the Bed’s Dimensions

Although it is based on personal preference to sort out the beds based on the dimensions you want, it is important way to find the ones that feel perfect for your height or good for the size of the bedroom too. Surely, you have ever thought that the height of the bed for example does not seem and feel right for some reason. You might not think about it that much before, but the bed’s height might be either too tall or too short for you to sit on. Furthermore, sometimes the bed can be either too large or too small for the bedroom. You should find the most appropriate one.

See If the Bed has Additional Features

The next thing you can see from the beds that have been sorted out based on the design, strength, and dimensions is the additional features they offer to you. It would be nice to find the ones that are made to have some drawers below for example. They can serve as nice storage to put your things in, like clothes, books, small tools, etc. Sometimes, beds are designed to have bookcase on the headboard as well. This is a good place to put things, like books, clock, etc. that should be beyond your reach as you sit on the bed. If placed tidily, they serve as good decors as well.

Find out if the Bed has Other Items Included

The last thing that you can sort them out by is about them having other items included in the purchase. We are talking about bedroom set here. That is why it is not about getting the bed only. You have to find out that it comes with other items as well. Having items, like nightstand, mattress, chest, etc. included will be something you will like to own alongside with the bed. Furthermore, they are usually made in one same design. So, it saves your time from trying to look for items that will suit together with your chosen bed. Not to mention, it saves your money buying them in set.

So that things will be easier for you, we will provide you with 7 sets of queen bedroom to consider here. They are that of the ones which are worth to buy. So, here we go.

Coaster Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000 Bookcase Chest Bed

Coaster Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000 Bookcase Chest BedThis Coaster Queen Size Bookcase Chest Bed here will be the choice for those who are looking queen bed with functional design. Let alone the other items, the bed itself is pretty amazing. It has bookcase designed in the headboard. Of course, there are several drawers in the bottom part of the bed. This way, you have enough storage to store your things in. Although you will get chest of drawers along with it, this storage is kind of handy and easy to reach.

When it comes to the look, it has cappuccino finish used on it. So, you can see that it suits for contemporary bedroom design. Made from wood veneers and solids, you can be sure that this bed will be able to last for more years than you expect it to be. As for the size, actually queen bed size differs from place to place. So, you need to get to know that the dimensions of this bed are 93 inches in length, 63 inches in width, and 56 inches in height.

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Home Styles Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000, Nightstand, and Chest

Home Styles Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000, Nightstand, and ChestHome Styles Naples Queen Bed, Nightstand, and chest are people’s choice for those who are looking for chic bedroom set. The bed might not include bookcase or drawers in its design, but you do get chest of drawers as well as nightstand if you purchase this bedroom set. Not to mention, the chest and the nightstand are made in beautiful design. With this set being finished by rich multi-step white finish, you can make it fit to your bedroom design easily.

Although you don’t get bookcase or drawers from the bed, the bed itself still features raised panels on the headboard and footboard. Furthermore, this set is made of hardwood and engineered wood. They are strong materials that can make furniture built with them last for a long time. Let us tell you the size of this set here. The bed’s dimensions are 65 inches in width, 67.5 inches in depth, and 52 inches in height. Meanwhile, the nightstand’s is 18” in width, 16” in depth, and 24” in height.

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Home Styles Aspen Collection Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000

Home Styles Aspen Collection Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000If you are looking for rustic bed design, you can choose Homes Styles Aspen Collection. As one of queen bedroom sets under 1000, this bedroom set comes with balance of warmth and style. With rustic cherry finish over mahogany solids and cherry veneers, this set looks real sturdy and chic nonetheless. The headboard and the footboard of the bed use Americana style in their design. They show their distinguished style nicely.

It goes the same with the nightstand as well for rich carved detailed posts and also antique brass hardware help to highlight such style. Sure, the nightstand has useful drawer with side-mounted suspension with easy glide. It even has open storage below the drawer. As for the dimensions, the bed is 66 inches in width, 90.75 inches in depth, and 42 inches in height. Meanwhile, the nightstand is 22 inches in width, 18 inches in depth, and 24 inches in height. With such dimensions, you can guess whether or not it will fit your bedroom.

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Coaster Tully Queen Bed White

Coaster Tully Queen Bed WhiteIf you are searching for queen bed that can offer high fashion look to you, you need to choose this Tully Queen Bed White. This bed however is actually made by taking the inspiration of an old classic, button-tufted style of bed. You will see the button-tufting feature in this bed’s headboard and footboard. Furthermore, you need to know that this bed is designed with sinuous wave-like shape. It is what makes this bed unique in its shape and design.

This bed is upholstered by white vinyl with its curved side rails upholstered by soft leather-like vinyl to give matching overall look to the bed. So, although this bed is inspired by old classic design, it can still offer fresh new modern look and comfort with that design. Colored in all white, you can easily match it with its surroundings. The dimensions for this bed are 93 inches in length, 68.5 inches in width, and 45 inches in height. It is not that high, but you won’t be able to resist its beauty.

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Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000 Louis Phillipe Cherry

Queen Bedroom Sets Under 1000 Louis Phillipe CherryThe Louis Phillipe Cherry Queen Size Bedroom Set here is another great choice to choose. As a set, this one offers beneficial things for you. It might cost you just a bit higher than $600, but it gets you more things for your bedroom. Those things are queen bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror. You can’t always get these kinds of furniture with that price, you see. Speaking about the look, the bed in this set features French-style sleigh platform bed. It is a nice to choose from, you see.

With matching curved casegoods with silver hardware, this set should offer rich and warm look in your bedroom. It is made of cherry wood with smooth surfaces, curved panels, and detailed line drapes. Thus, you can be sure that this set is made both strong and stylish to begin with. Since it is very cost effective to choose this set, it makes perfect choice for amazing bedroom. The headboard is said to be 48” high, while the footboard is 30” high.

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South Shore Trinity Queen Bedroom Set

South Shore Trinity Queen Bedroom SetDo you want another cost-effective choice? If so, South Shore Trinity Full Queen 4-Piece Bedroom Set will make a good choice. Priced at even lower than $600, you can get 4 pieces of furniture in one set. This set consists of 5-drawer chest, platform bed, nightstand and also full/queen headboard. Not to mention, the bed itself has one drawer below the end of the bed. Even the nightstand has an ample open storage too. You should be able to get enough storage in bedroom.

Speaking about the look, this set has all its items finished with pure black finish. Just like white, black color can fit any room design easily. Black itself shows somehow contemporary and modern air in a room, so you will see and feel your room stylish with it around. The platform bed especially, is made with firm structure. That is why it ensures the strength of the bed to withstand the weight we will put on it. This set is a great deal, considering what you get with affordable price.

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Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress and Faux Leather Platform Bed Set

Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress and Faux Leather Platform Bed SetThis Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress and Faux Leather Platform Bed Set here, needs to be thought hard as well. This one has the lowest price range among the bedroom sets mentioned in this article. Yes, you get simple platform bed here. Even so, it still has headboard and wood slats included as well. Furthermore, with the bed having the look of espresso faux leather, you can still see the bed as something rich in its look. It is beautiful even in simplicity. This is something unique to own.

What’s more about this set is that it comes with memory foam mattress. Memory foam is very comforting, so it can offer refreshing night sleep to you. Need to be known, the mattress here is brought to you with the highest quality available. The foam is that of CertiPUR-US which is known for its durability, performance, and content. Thus, it should ensure you enough that you will feel comfortable while you sleep on it. You sure can get such thing with affordable price.

Last price update: 2018-10-21 01:41:31

Have you learnt enough from the 7 queen bedroom sets under 1000 above? Surely, you must have agreed that they are indeed the worthy ones to buy. Why not? They have what it takes to be bedroom sets with good quality while priced at affordable price after all. Many would want to get their hands on any of them. So, choose one as you see it fit your needs.

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