Programmable Pressure Cooker Under 200 Instant Pot IP-DUO80

Smart pressure cookers have been sneaking around many houses and kitchens. Indeed, electric pressure cookers are the future, and they’re packed with the touch of the latest technology. Adding convenience to your daily cooking, having this smart utensil will bring more comfort as you simply cook amazing dishes with ease. While this kind of pressure cooker itself is an old invention, a special 3rd generation pressure cooker will bring about the perfection of electric pressure cooker. This exciting utensil will blow your mind, so brace yourself for the ultimate bomb of your kitchen.

Instant Pot the Ultimate 7-In-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is a common sense to find many electric pressure cookers on the market. However, finding the best among the rest will not be an easy job. The arrival of Instant Pot will change such perspective, as this electric pressure cooker will take down all the other electric pressure cookers. Instant Pot IP-DUO80 7-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker is the name of this ultimate weapon, but people dub this utensil a simple Instant Pot. Being a humble pressure cooker, Instant Pot really lives up to its name and will surpass even your biggest desire toward electric pressure cooker.

For a quick review, Instant Pot is the embodiment of the future cooking—pure and simple. Take this electric pressure cooker to your kitchen and witness the magic and wonders of Instant Pot. 7 conventional functions are applied in one convenient location, it is big, it is durable, and it is plain awesome. Such is the simple description of Instant Pot, the ultimate electric pressure cooker of the year. If you are a curious soul which feeds on exciting and detailed description, read on and drop your jaw in front of the superb features and magic of Instant Pot.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 18:09:44
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All the Detail until the Last Drop

In front of your eyes lies an amazing electric pressure cooker. A quick glance will tell that Instant Pot is a convenient utensil. Its huge dimension enables you to cook plenty of dishes in one go. On top of that, the high quality black stainless steel guarantees an everlasting lifespan. Instant Pot is surprisingly light and stable in size, making it a very convenient pressure cooker. This pressure cooker still has tons of secrets to share, and the time has come to open your eyes for the gracious and magnificent features of Instant Pot.

  • Fast, safe, and healthy

The first thing you ask for from an electric pressure cooker is its agility in term of the cooking time. Compared to using a gas-based pressure cooker, Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker which stands atop the other pressure cookers. You can guarantee a fast cooking process, speeding it up by 2 to 6 times the usual cooking time. This is because Instant Pot utilizes the latest technology to bring you the delicious and nutritious dish as fast as you can. Moreover, this achievement doesn’t waste your electric supply, with the help of the technology within that uses 70% energy less than the previous and other electric pressure cookers.

  • The seventh heaven of electric canner Pot is really packed with the latest touch of technology. Its main feature is the 7-in-1 programmable cooking procedure, allowing you to cook with different seven modes: Pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, sauté, warmer, yoghurt maker, and steamer. Furthermore, another 14 smart programs enable you to cook various dishes and let the electric pressure cooker program the cooking process. They are soup, bean/chili, meat/stew, sauté, poultry, rice, steam, porridge, slow cook, multigrain, keep-warm, Jiu Niang, yoghurt, and pasteurize.

Surprisingly, these amazing programs require little to no skill to use. Instant Pot is simple to use, to the point where even newcomers can utilize the programs with ease. Furthermore, Instant Pot gives you a peaceful cooking experience without leaking steam or noise. By trapping the aroma and flavor inside, the dish will definitely become lovable and exquisite. If you are unsure about the safety of daily consumption by cooking the dish with Instant Pot, the stainless steel inner pot will ensure a durable and safe impact toward your health. Of course, timing and heat controls become the main part of Instant Pot, further upgraded with the IP-DUO technology found within the whole programs. It really feels like cooking with the seventh heaven utensil.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 18:09:44
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A Worthy Deal for Every Kitchen

The only thing that can make you think twice about Instant Pot is its price. US$159.99 is the amount you need to gain this monstrous device, and it’s definitely not cheap. However, for a smart and high-quality utensil, it is a worthy price to pay. After all, it is still the cheap choice among high-end electric pressure cookers. Regardless, Instant Pot will remain as the ultimate weapon of every kitchen. Everyone must have one, and so must you.

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