Top 9 Best King Bedroom Sets Under 1000 December 2017

There are many bedroom sets people can choose if they want to realize more distinguished design in their room. Since there are too many of them to choose, you will need to get the best one of all. Of course, it is not a simple task to do at all. To do that, there are things you need to consider. Here, we will also tell you about 9 king bedroom sets under 1000 that you can consider choosing as well.

Learn the Exact Size of the Furniture

Indeed, we are talking about king bedroom sets here. You might even already know what size a king bed could be. However, the size of king, queen, twin, or other types of bed differs in each place throughout the world. So, just because you have decided on buying king-size bed, it does not mean that there is no need for you to check on the exact size of the product that you want to buy anymore. You must have known that knowing the size is important for you can’t put furniture that is too large for a room that is small.

Choose the Style You Want to Pick

When it comes to style, furniture is made with various different styles. Sure, there is a ton of styles to choose one from. The styles can be based on their origin, like French style, Americana style, etc. Sometimes, they can be based on their form, like sleigh, platform, etc. This is something you can choose based on your preference, although sometimes you will need to find the style that will look good for your bedroom design. Regardless of that, choosing the style is still an important thing to do for the bed should fit nicely with its style in the bedroom.

Check How Comfortable the Bed Is

Since you are going to sleep on the bed you choose, it is crucial to check how comfortable the bed is. Of course, you don’t want to sleep on an uncomfortable bed, right? Well, it applies to bedroom set that comes with mattress though. Even so, the strength of the bed is also part of something that determines the comfort of the bed as well. If the bed frame is not strong enough, it will only cause noisy sound as you move on it. It won’t be safe for you either. So, you need to check on the bed as well as the mattress carefully.

Get the Color Needed for Your Room

As you know, furniture comes with various different colors. Sure, you can get the color you want. However, just like how you choose the style, you need to get the right color that matches the design of your bedroom. Color is very important for room design. If there is no proper color scheme in a room, your room will feel somewhat lacking. It won’t look and feel attractive at all. Color is something that will make your room alive. If your room is like that, you will surely feel comfortable to stay there when you plan on resting, reading, sleeping, etc.

See the Features the Set Bring Along

Speaking about buying furniture set, one thing for sure that you need to make sure is the features that are brought along by each of furniture of the set you want to buy. The features I mean here are things like hardware designed for the drawers. If you find black chest with the drawers having sliver hardware, don’t you think the chest will look quite pretty with its modern look? Of course, other features might be included as well. If you can find nice features from the bed set, it will be something nice to complement the furniture in the room even more.

Now, let us tell you 9 king bedroom sets that are priced under $1000 for you to consider here. We only list the ones that are good in quality despite being tagged with such price.

10 Inch King Bed Set Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress

10 Inch King Bed Set Sleep Master Memory Foam MattressWhat can be better than buying set anyway? If you manage to find the affordable ones, you will be thrilled that the set will comes with more than one furniture. Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress and Faux Leather Platform Bed here for example, comes to you with platform bed and memory foam mattress. Made in China, this product is made with dimensions as follows; 76 inches x 80 inches x 10 inches. It is a nice size for a king bed, you see.

As for the mattress, it is said to be 10 inches thick. With it being like this, many customers are complimenting how comfortable it is. Like them, you will be able to get a good night sleep with it. Not to mention, when you put topper on it, you will easily turn your king bed into a high-end one. This set is shipped to your house for assembly. Since it comes with the allen wrench to tighten the allen nuts, you don’t need any tool to put things together.

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King Bedroom Sets Under 1000 Home Styles Aspen Collection

King Bedroom Sets Under 1000 Home Styles Aspen CollectionTaking about bedroom set, there are always various things that come with the bed itself. This Home Styles Aspen Collection King Bed and Nightstand here is the one that comes with nightstand. Made in Indonesia, the bed in this bedroom set is said to be 82-inch wide, 90.75-inch deep, and 52-inch high. Made of mahogany solids and cherry solids with rustic cherry finish, both the bed and the nightstand offers endless natural beauty.

While the bed has its dimensions like that, the nightstand is 22-inch wide, 18-inch deep, and 24-inch high. With it having the same look as the bed, it should be able to make perfect matching in bedroom. Not to mention, it is complemented with antique brass hardware, making it beautiful even more. As for its design, you will get one drawer with open storage below it. You do have option of exposing your belongings or keeping it hidden inside.

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Espresso King Bedroom Sets Under 1000

Espresso King Bedroom Sets Under 1000Sometimes, you don’t need to find bedroom set that comes with both bed and chest of drawers separately. Did you know? There is a bed that is designed to have drawers in it. You can get such thing from Espresso King Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with Drawers here. Made in Canada, this bed is specifically made with platform to provide enough space for the drawers. This is true for this bed comes to offer you with 6 drawers that are 20-inch deep.

Need to be known, this bed is made with laminated plywood slats, composite wood and also metal support. Finished in rich espresso, this bed looks naturally cool. 8-inch mattress is recommended to be used for this platform bed. How about the bed’s dimensions then? Let us tell you here that this bed measures 78.5-inch long, 81.5-inch wide, and 18.75-inch high. If you think this is the size you want from king bed, this bed can make a great choice.

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Coaster Furniture Eastern King 300369KE

Coaster Furniture Eastern King 300369KEAs one of king bedroom sets under 1000, Coaster Fine Furniture 300369KE Bed here is a good choice if you ever like to own a king bed covered in fabric. Bed like this has its own uniqueness. Of course, it is because its look depends on the color of the fabric used on the bed frame, not the materials used to make the bed structure. Let us tell you here that this bed comes with beige fabric. If you can manage to look for mattress topper and pillow case with green hues, they will make a great bed.

The heardboard is slightly curved. This bed also features low end and end rails with sleek dark woden feet. This is a nice design that is elegant enough for contemporary bedroom design. Made in China, this bed measures 93.5 inches x 83.5 inches x 53.5 inches. It is big enough size for king bed. You should be able to sleep comfortably with your partner for it offers spacious enough space for two people on bed. This bed too is worth to consider.

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Coaster Home Eastern King Size Sleigh Panel

Coaster Home Eastern King Size Sleigh PanelIf you are fond of sleigh style bed, this Coaster Louis Philippe King Size Sleigh Panel Bed is a nice one to choose. At first sight, you should be able to tell that this bed is made to be pretty in its look. Why not? It is made of selective hardwood and veneers, ensuring the strength and the beauty of the bed itself. Not to mention, it is finished with cherry finish. Although it is actually brown in its color, you can still see it to be slightly red in elegance.

You can even see it as some rich, high-end bed. The assembled dimensions of this bed would be 93-inch long, 79-inch wide, and 47-inch high. It is pretty nice size for king bed, you see. Moreover, this bed features metal glides as well as antique brass metal handles . With such features, you don’t need to question this bed even more. Reddish brown cherry wood looks great with antique brass hardware after all. It makes nice combination.

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Hillsdale King Trieste Bed Set

Hillsdale King Trieste Bed SetThis Hillsdale Furniture 1566BKRT Trieste Bed Set here will be something you will try to consider over and over again. The purpose of people buying bed is not only so that it can make great design for their bedroom. They are also looking for it to have good night sleep with comfortable bed. For that reason, this bed could make a good option for you. Just by looking at it, you should be able to tell how soft and comfortable the bed could be.

Not to mention, this bed has its side rails, headdboard, and footboard covered in buckwheat-colored fabric, featuring soft, luxurious theme. That is why it looks richly fashionable. Buying it, you will feel like you have bought rich bed to begin with. The product dimensions are 89 inches x 80.5 inches x 58 inches. Meanwhile, the headboard is 58-inch high, 80.5-inch wide, and 3.5-inch deep and the footboard is 23-inch high, 80.5-inch wide, and 3.5-inch deep.

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Hillsdale Banyan King Bed Set

Hillsdale Banyan King Bed SetThere are many bed fram designs in bed. Sometimes, they are simply made of plank of wood. Sometimes, they are also covered in fabric. However, it would make a good change if you try bed with different frame design, like what is shown in this Hillsdale Banyan Bed Set. The bed is actually made with mixed media transitional styling. That is why you can see both wood and metal featuring the frame of this bed. They are different materials, of course.

Even so, the espresso finished wood and and nickel finished accents can work together to make nice frame for the bed with nice headboard and footboard. It does offer transitional design with distinguished statement due to the use of soft arches and square silhoutte in the headboard and footboard. If you like such style, this bed should sit nicely in your bedroom as part of its design. This bed measures 20 inches x 20 inches x 15 inches.

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12 Inch Sleep Master and Deluxe Faux Leather Platform King Bed Set

12 Inch Sleep Master and Deluxe Faux Leather Platform King Bed SetAre you looking for thicker memory foam mattress from bedroom set? If so, you should take a look at this Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress and Deluxe Faux Leather Platform Bed Set. Why? It is because this set comes with 12-inch mattress. The bed itself measures 80 inches x 76 inches x 12 inches. It should be enough size for such mattress. What’s more about this set is that it can offer great support and comfort. Are you wondering how it can be so?

It is because the foam base offers perfect amount of support with its high density. Meanwhile, the foam itself is that of the ones with top layer of premium quality. Furthermore, the bed is made of deluxe faux leather with headboard and slats included. For the platform, you get 5-year limited warranty. Meanwhile, you get up to 10-year limited warranty for the mattress. This sleep master bed set from Zinus sure make things convenient for you.

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King B71627 Avalon Complete Canopy Bed Fashion Bed Group

King B71627 Avalon Complete Canopy Bed Fashion Bed GroupSpeaking about bed, it would be nice to have canopy above it, right? If you put fabric hanging on it, you will simply make your bed to be like a luxurious-looking one. Of course, even canopy bed appears in various different designs. One of them can be seen in Fashion Bed Group Avalon Complete Canopy Bed. This bed might look somewhat simple in its design, but it is still elegant at the same time. It comes with platinum upholstered headboard.

The headboard is 20.5 inches, while the footboard is 6 inches. The canopy itself which is made of carbon steel is 80-inch high. Sure, it is made strong enough to provide stability for the bed. With the frame having slate finish and the panels having platinum-colored fabric, it offers stylish, contemporary look. This bed measures 80 inches x 75.75 inches x 91 inches. Coming with 1-year limited warranty, it is a nice one to choose.

Last price update: 2018-11-17 18:41:50

Those are all the 9 king bedroom sets under 1000 that can help you realize distinguished bedroom. Each has its own beneficial things to offer, while they are priced under $1000. To find the best one among those 9 sets, you should be sure to sort out them based on the 5 things we were talking about earlier in this article. Surely, you will find the one you most want. Read queen bedroom sets under 1000.

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