9 Best Kids Bedroom Sets Under 500 December 2017

If you are given 500 dollars as a budget to have your choice of kids bedroom sets, you might find it fun but tiring. There are such a variety of various types of furniture, styles and colors to choose from. Some of the choices below are above 500, but if you are lucky, you can get a very good offer. Within your budget. So, here are a couple of things you might consider to select the furniture that will keep going for a considerable length of time to come.

The Right Set of Chosen Furniture

While numerous home and gardening magazines viably set up together diverse furniture for engaging looks, it is an eventually better decision to pick only a couple pieces that are from the same set. While having one piece, at most, that the uniqueness is an advantage, the purpose of the room is to be a fun and useful, and in addition lovely, put for your kids. The primary pieces you will need to match are bed, end table, bookshelf, and dresser.

Pick Furniture That Will Last

The striped plastic furniture made your kids loves it, however reasonably this furniture won’t last more than two or three years. To buy furniture that will grow and adjust with your kid, pick furniture that you can picture in the room of a baby to a youngster, or you guests perhaps. In the event that you just need to purchase furniture once, you will spare time and cash for quite a long time to come.

Search for essential, straightforward outlines that seem durable. Fancy or exceedingly point by point beds will probably not have a long period of style to last. Basically square, genuine wood beds are an awesome alternative in light of the fact that even as they are utilized or mishandled, they dimply get more character from a normally bothered completion.

Go Ahead, Have a Try

Before buying, don’t be hesitant to ask whether you can try sleeping on the bed so you can inspect every inch of it. You need to see huge jolts holding it together. In the event that shaken, it ought to oppose development. Additionally, observe how simple it will be to dismantle and reassemble. Sit on the bed. Ensure that the furniture feels sufficiently solid to last through years of utilization. Open the dresser drawers numerous times to check whether they shake or drag.

Get the Theme Turned On

At the point when the furniture is amassed and set up in the room, the time has come to collect the designs to run with it. A light on the end table, new sheets and another sofa-bed on the bed, and a plant (genuine or manufactured) on top of the dresser will get the room pulled together. Picking room furniture can be a long process, yet having an unmistakable vision of what sort of furniture to purchase will spare you loads of time. Run with quality, run with ageless styles, and run with genuine wood, and you will have a room set the children will appreciate for a considerable length of time to come.

So, you have finally comprehended the things to consider getting yourself a decent bedroom set. Now, it is our turn to indulge you with the right sets. Sit back and relax. We bring you the best ones from the lines.

Kids 3-Piece Bedroom Set Under 500 with Bookcase Headboard

Kids 3-Piece Bedroom Set Under 500 with Bookcase HeadboardCakao is a Canadian brand. If you are the ones who go for the nature, this one is for you. Its environmentally preferred laminated particle panels are certified.

Cakao collection brings a warm concept, simplicity in style and lines, as well as modernity at the same time. It offers lots of storages concept with no kick plates. It wants to give an ambience as if the drawers are floating above the L-shaped metal legs. Modernity is defined by the inclined metal knobs to give an ease to close or open the drawers.

This set has the price tag under 500. It has many good reviews from the real buyers both online and offline. You will get a nightstand with two drawers, a twin bookcase headboard, and a twin storage bed. You will get also a limited warranty that lasts for 5 years.

The bed weighs, without mattress and accessories. You do not have to buy any box spring. If you purchase it online, you will get 3 boxes that need to completely assembled y 2 adults without any additional tools included. The bed has safe flat knobs.

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Child Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

Child Bunk Bed with Slide and TentThe price is actually more than the budget mentioned in this article. But, if you are lucky, you can get way below 500 online like at the time this post is written. This model gives you sturdy steel tubes. Army is very dominant shown by this bunk bed as it comes absolute with side ladder, a tent, and a slide that kids would love to try on and on. The bunk bed is just the thing needed by the kids who love that army disguise fashion, which is entertaining and unique for your kids.

Built to last for a long time, this bed is great to add creativity to your child’s bedroom or should we say any children’s bedroom. However, it does not come with bed mattress. Coming with an army look, with Metal, Cloth, and Vinyl material and completed with three layers of gloss paint, you will get nothing but luxury defined for kids.

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Twin Wood Captain’s Storage Bed 3 Piece Bedroom Sets Under 500

Twin Wood Captain's Storage Bed 3 Piece Bedroom Sets Under 500Coming with the beginning price tag above the line, it gives surprises by giving huge discounts like the ones at the time this writing is published. The South Shore Crystal White Kids Twin Wood Captain’s Storage Bed 3 Piece Bedroom Set gives you a nightstand, twin bookcase headboard, and twin mate’s bed. It gives you ore than function as it is also promises fashionable 3 piece bedroom that could be well set to what you need as modern storage space.

The set that weighs 173 pounds comes with great packaging should you buy it online and in a good construction. The kids would love to put their books in the head board, to even enabling one sit a drink the night stand. This one is the best bed set and probably will last for a long time due to the sturdiness and good quality. It will require a couple hours and a large work area, but it is worthy to try.

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South Shore Cakao Twin Kids Bedroom Sets

South Shore Cakao Twin Kids Bedroom SetsWith its rich Chocolate complete and smooth contemporary lines, this solid twin storage space quaint little inn headboard will upgrade any room. Its Satin Zinc level metal handles complement the cutting edge outline of the bed while making opening and shutting the drawers a breeze. It is an extraordinary storage arrangement as the headboard highlights 3 storage rooms for wake up timer, books, charging station, and so on and an opening at the back for simple wire administration.

As for the bed, you will make the most of its 3 drawers to stock additional garments, toys, covers and other stuff. It is additionally a prudent decision as it doesn’t require a case spring. It can bolster up to 250 pounds and is reversible so the drawers can confront either side. The inside drawer measurements are 22.5 inch wide by 17.75 inch front to back by 4.25 inch stature and are furnished with protected and noiseless plastic slides. It quantifies 86 inch long by 41 inch wide by 37 inch high. Sleeping cushion and embellishments, however, is excluded. Security is an incorporated some portion of the qualities: this item meets or surpasses all North American wellbeing benchmarks.

The set is extremely strong, spares space, and looks extraordinary. The kids will definitely cherish them and are more satisfied to have more space in their room. The set which is made in Canada with non-harmful overlaid particleboard and cleaned with a dry sodden fabric is ready to give you 5 year limited guarantee.

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Libra Twin Platform 3 Piece Kids Bedroom Sets Under 500

Libra Twin Platform 3 Piece Kids Bedroom Sets Under 500
Thanks to its contemporary styling and sleek and simple lines, the Libra Collection coordinates perfectly with virtually any home décor. Fully functional and adaptable, the items in the collection will meet all your needs with their practical open and closed storage spaces. They have also been designed with safety in mind, featuring Smart Glide drawer slides and attractive rounded corners

No need to worry with the quality as its 5 year limited warranty of this manufactured furniture from laminated particle board gives you insurance. The Pure White finish is more than simple but dazzling. The item’s packaging is ISTA 3A-certified to ensure its integrity and your total satisfaction. It is made in Canada and made of EPP certified panels which is environmentally preferred product. Shrink-wrapped packaging with reinforced corners to reduce the risk of shipping damage. The smart glides drawer has a lifetime warranty which gives you total security. In the set, you will get a three-drawer chest, a twin platform bed, plenty of storage room, metal handles with a pewter finish, and no hassle in assembling the parts.

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Kids Bedroom Sets South Shore Lazer Mates Twin

Kids South Shore Bedroom Sets under 500 Lazer Mates Twin
If you are looking for a contemporary look, this twin 39 inches mates bed from the Lazer set will offer you a couple functional storage rooms. Its straight lines and rich metal handles will make your room look awesome, for a one of a kind and advanced decoration. You don’t need any spring box for this set.

The detail shows adapted metal handles with nickel wrap up competed with expanded wellbeing because of adjusted corners. The three pragmatic drawers on the same side can be set on the left or right, contingent upon your room design. To frame a complete bed: you can consolidate it with the twofold bookshelf headboard from the same set. Drawers mounted on polymer slides with a stop score and safeguards for more prominent security. Perfection is incorporated as this item meets or surpasses all North American security guidelines. The case for this thing is overwhelming, so make certain to have a companion with you – or great biceps! – When it arrives. This current item’s bundling has been tried and is guaranteed to decrease the danger of harm amid shipment. The set is made in Canada with non-dangerous overlaid particleboard. You don’t need any spring box and the adapted metal handles with nickel are wrapped up. This can be your excellent choice.

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Coaster Kids Bunk Bed Sets with Slide and Tent

Coaster Kids Bunk Bed Sets with Slide and TentWanting to give your children entertainment in their own bedroom or stopping them to sneak back to your bedroom, then this set is the answer. Made in strong steel tubing and styled to a enchant kids, this cot comes complete with side stepping stool, underneath tent and fun slide. Fabricated to last numerous years, this bed is the ideal imaginative expansion to any youngsters’ room. Bed sleeping cushion is sold independently.

This bed is well made and is really fundamental to assemble, however the guidelines left a great deal to your own creativity. But it’s not that hard once you know what to attach and where. Additionally, the parts are not marked by any stretch of the imagination, making it hard to recognize them. The bed took around ~3.5 hours to assemble and could have taken significantly less time if the guidelines would have been clearer.

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South Shore Libra 3 Piece Kids Bedroom Set

South Shore Libra 3 Piece Kids Bedroom Set
South Shore Libra 3 Drawer Chest in Royal Cherry is a contemporary style three drawer mid-sections highlights straightforward lines that will mix directly into any stylistic layout. It offers open and close capacity to serve your requirements and adjusted corners to ensure your kids are safe. The highlights of this set are the stylistic theme. The contemporary styling and smooth straightforward lines gives a touch of modernity to any room. Elegant metal handles in Pewter is completed by three practical drawers. The drawer slides are made of polymer, which highlight a security lock and dampers. The back surface is not overlaid.

The set is manufactured from eco-accommodating, EPP-consistent covered molecule board. It is made of non-harmful materials. You will get 5 Years Warranty from this Mexican product. Simplicity is well depicted by this set in which its value worth the price.

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Sauder Parklane Twin Kids Bedroom Sets

Sauder Parklane Kids Bedroom Sets Under 500The Sauder Parklane Twin Platform Bed with Headboard, Cinnamon Cherry is a decent decision for a kid’s or visitor room with constrained space. Made of built wood, the tyke stage bed highlights a cinnamon cherry completion for a smooth and cutting edge look. The bed contains a coordinated headboard. It fits most Twin-size sleeping pads and does not require a spring case. The sleeping cushion, however, is excluded with this Sauder Parklane Twin Platform Bed. So if you need to fill in your limited space with elegant simplicity, this set can be your choice.

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