6 Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets for Girls 2017

Kids, especially girls like their bedroom to be cheerful and colorful. When it comes to their bed, they like it to be attractive and unique in its design. If you haven’t ever taken a look yet at various beds for kids, you might never know that they can look so interesting. Here, we would like to suggest you with 6 kids bedroom furniture sets for girls that are chic with their attractive and unique design.

Consider the Price You Can Afford

Before you start choosing, there are some things you need to think about first. Among those things, you need to consider the price you can afford to buy the bed set. People don’t always have enough money to afford expensive bed sets after all. Not to mention, what’s cheap to you is not always cheap for others. The best thing you can do is to set price limit you can afford to buy one of the sets. This way too, things will become easier for you to choose the best one among all available bed sets in the market.

Decide on the Bed Type Kids Want

Once you are done sorting out the available beds based on the price you can afford, it is the time for you to sort them out again based on different thing. This time, you have to sort them out based on the bed type that is wanted by your kids. Single bed is the normal type of all, often designed with both headboard and footboard. However, kids often take a liking to bunk bed or loft bed. It looks interesting with bed above that is connected with ladder or stairs from below. The lower space can be for bed or playhouse too.

Get the Most Interesting Design

Speaking about beds for kids, they are often designed in various different ways. Single-bed type might be designed with Disney-princess bedding or simply colored in chic pink. Even bunk beds are often designed interestingly with tent covering the entire bunk bed or loft bed, having the look of a castle. Sometimes, the tent is made below to make playhouse for your kids. Regardless of the variety, it is better to get the one that is most interesting for your kids. They will love their room even more with the bed design they want.

Pick the Suitable Colors for Girls

Another thing you need to ask to your kids is the color of the bed set. Pick the ones that have your kids’ favorite colors. However, it is bed set for girls we are talking about here. You should also suggest colors that are suitable for girls. If you want your kids to grow into feminine girls, of course you can’t make their room to be quite boy-like. Furthermore, little girls are more suitable to have cute, chic-looking rooms. Surely, most of little girls like things that are colored with girly colors, like pink, yellow, purple, etc.

Check the Items Brought Along in the Set

The bed should not be your only concern of the set, you see. We are talking about bed set here after all. Besides the bed, there is also other furniture that comes along with it. Sometime, they can be nightstand, mattress, bedding, etc. Check those items and compare with the others. If you are lucky, you should be able to get the one with more items included when it is tagged with the price that is quite affordable for you. This is a great feat that you can’t get just anywhere, although you need to be quite picky to get it.

Those are the things you can use to consider the bed set you want to buy. Now, let us tell you 6 bedroom sets for girls that we have chosen from the ones that are unique and chic in design.

Pink Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets for Girls

Pink Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets for GirlsAs it was said before, bed sets for kids appear in various designs. This one here for example, is loft-bed type which has bed in its upper part with playhouse in its lower part. Framed in high metal, this bed’s frame is strong enough to withstand your kids’ weight and movements. Not to mention, there is slide included in its design. This way, your kid can go down by sliding down from her bed above. There is still ladder to use though.

You don’t have to worry about the safety offered by this set for the bed above is guarded by guardrails to prevent your kid falling down from her bed. The lower part is covered by house-looking curtain. It is wide enough to be the storage for your kid’s toys. It makes a nice playhouse too. Aside from that, this set also comes with bead bag chair. It is one of kids bedroom furniture sets for girls that are tagged with pretty affordable price too.

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Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets for Girls Schoolhouse Twin Princess

Kids Bedroom Furniture Sets for Girls Schoolhouse Twin PrincessIf you want to get another similar option, you can try this bedroom set here. Well, it is priced way higher, but you can take this as consideration. The bed in this set comes with its frame all covered in pink and lavender tent. You will see this loft bed looking like schoolhouse, you see. The tent is made with such design after all. It has the design of doors, bell-looking windows, roofs, and all. Of course, this bed is made durable.

It can be so because the bed is made of hardwood to ensure its strength and durability. You can go up to your bed with ladder, while you can go down with the slide. It is a fun way for kids to go up and down from their bed. While you have bed in the upper part, you get under-bed tent area that is spacious enough for kids to play house, tea party, etc. If you can afford more money, this set will be a nice one to choose.

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Hillsdale 1687BTW Ruby Twin Furniture Sets for Girls

Hillsdale 1687BTW Ruby Twin Furniture Sets for GirlsThis bed set is an option for those who are looking for single-bed type for their kids. Upon your first glance at it, you will surely take a liking to it. Why? It is because this bed comes with delicate adornment in its headboard and footboard. That being said, such delicacy is beautiful to look at. To tell you the truth, this bed set is inspired by elegant fleur di lis design. It somehow looks girly, thus making it suitable for girls’ bed.

As for its color, this bed is colored in white. The design is that of flowers, so it is wise to design this bed with green, yellow, and beige bedding to give more natural look to this bed in the bedroom. Just so you know, this bed comes in twin size. Although the size might be different from place to place, you should have known the average size of it. Not to mention, this one is tagged with pretty low price. This is quite interesting bed for girls.

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Donco Kids Bedroom Furniture House Stair Step Loft

Donco Kids Bedroom Furniture House Stair Step LoftThis time, we would like to suggest you with house-like loft bed without the use of tent or curtain to make it look like so. Why? It is because the bed is designed to resemble a house to begin with. From the front, you will see it like a house with open space below the upper part which is guarded by window and roof-designed guard for the bed there. You might not get slide from this bed set, but you do have stairs to go up and down.

On one side of the stairs, you will get a chest with 4 drawers. There is magazine rack made in this loft bed as well. The things included in this set are mattress and complete slat kit. The open space below the upper bed is enough for twin or full mattress to fit in. It accommodates 8-inch mattress as well. To tell you the truth, this bed set is tagged with pretty high price. However, it does offer more safety with its strong wood structure.

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Perfect Kids Girls Twin Bed and Nightstand Set

Perfect Kids Girls Twin Bed and Nightstand SetIf you are looking for single bed-type that is suitable for little girls, this one is a good choice for you. To tell you the truth, it is chic enough to give style to your kid’s room. The bed in this set comes with headboard and footboard. Both parts are upholstered with button-tufted, silk-like pink fabric. So, you can see how the bed looks so stylish. Of course, other parts of the bed are covered with the same fabric, although they are not button tufted.

Such bed would look great with white mattress, while the blanket and pillowcase are pink and white. Need to be known, this set comes with one nightstand as well. The nightstand is made to be a perfect match for the bed. Yes, even the nightstand is upholstered with button-tufted, silk-like pink fabric. It is also designed with two ample drawers as well. The bedroom set from Kinfine here sure will catch your kids’ attention.

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Kids Disney Frozen Complete Twin Bed Set for Girls

Kids Disney Frozen Complete Twin Bed Set for GirlsDid you simply want affordable bed set with complete bedding? If so, this bed set is your choice. It does not come with bed structure with legs, headboard, footboard, and all. To be exact, it offers mattress and its bedding. The mattress itself however, comes with gauge tempered steel coils. It should have made the bed comfortable enough. As for the size, it is that of twin-sized ones. What’s so great about this bed set is indeed its bedding.

Buying it, you will get pillow, reversible pillowcase, comforter, fitted sheet, and flat sheet. All are having the Disney motif on them with colors, like pink, blue, and lavender. Buying bed set with complete bedding like this cut your times for searching the matching bedding for a mattress or bed. If you have bed structure already, this bed set is great to choose. Of course, you have to make sure that the size fits well and nicely though.

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Those are the 6 kids bedroom furniture sets for girls that are highly recommended due to their chic, unique design. The bed is not simply bed in those sets. Whether the items included in the set are made separately from the bed itself or not, those bed sets sure come with various beneficial items, like nightstand, bedding, chest, etc. They are really worth to consider.

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