How to Make Your Own Embossed or Textured Papers

If you like doing different kinds of paper crafts, you know that having embossed or textured papers can add excitement to your crafting project. The embossed papers can add elegance into your work, as well as presenting textures and patterns that are subtle and yet visible. Too bad embossed papers are quite costly, but no worries; you should be able to have your own papers if you know how to make them.

  • First of all, you can purchase your own texture plates – they are easy to find in art and craft stores and they are inexpensive. They can be a good investment for your crafting project. Keep in mind, though, that such plates are sold within packages, but they come in various designs and patterns. Each plate has different designs on both of the sides.
  • You can also buy embossing tools with different forms of styluses. The styluses have different types of ball heads and sizes. The tools can be used to trace the designs on the embossed plate.How to Make Your Own Embossed or Textured Papers1
  • When you buy the texture plates, they generally come with a certain shape board, which is used to hold the plates so they remain stationery. They have pegs, so you can inset the plates on the designated holes, keeping it stay in place.
  • When you begin your project, use masking tape to stick the plain paper on the plate. Be sure to place the good part down right on the plate. By using the embossing tool, do circular motion so the patterns will start appearing. You can also use the stylus, but it will take longer time to complete.
  • When the patterns start appearing, use the stylus to deepen the patterns. Be careful when tracing the motif.
  • Now you can remove the masking tape. Turn over the paper. Now you can have your own embossed papers without having to spend a fortune.

Besides these plates and styluses, you can also make use of metal plates for embossing as well as light box. The metal templates come in various designs, and they usually come with the light box.

  • Prepare a masking tape and one of the templates. Attach the template onto the light box.
  • Place a plain paper on top of the metal plate; use a masking tape to hold it stay in place. Use the stylus to make patterns. The stylus will push the surface of the paper inside, creating patterns. Make sure to follow the edges carefully, so the end result will be neat.
  • That’s it. Remove the masking tape and you now have your own embossed papers.

How to Make Your Own Embossed or Textured PapersThose are basically the easy and inexpensive ways to make your own embossed papers. They are manual, but they are easy to do. In case you are willing to spend more money, you can use embossing machines. With the machines, you can save up more time in creating the patterns and designs, but they are more expensive. Not to mention that you should prepare extra budgets to have different machines with different patterns.

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