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Everyone who loves to cook will probably agree that frying is one of the best ways of food processing. It leads to the best taste of foods and even gives crispy sensation. Once the foods are fried, it is great to be served in warm or hot condition. Although it is really joyful, there are some things that make people think twice before frying food. As we know, the oil we uses in frying process will be absorbed to the food. Thus, it leads us to have higher amount of cholesterol. It does not matter to have the fried food once a week or occasionally. However, how if we really like to have fried food?

What Things you Need to Know about AirFryer Philips HD9220/26?

http://themakerync.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Home-AirFryer-Philips-HD9220-under-200-Review.jpgAirFryer becomes the answer of all your doubt and confuse. You will be able to fry stuff without any presence of oil. It makes the food is almost free of cholesterol. If there is some cholesterol, it will be a little and only comes from the basic element of food. The whole processing will not raise the amount of your body cholesterol.

One most recommended stuff will be AirFryer Philips HD9220/26. This is a utility that has a very fast air technology. It is made by Philips that means this utility has great features, quality as well as durability. When you check the design, it will only form like an oval thing that has some heater inside. Covered by black and shiny surface, this utility is very stylish to be used as demo, show and even as the daily stuff at home.

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No More Oil and Cholesterol Using AirFryer Philips HD9220/26

In addition, its surface is made to be sleek to boost the easier cleaning way. The presence of the handle is also make the utility is easier to be moved when it is really needed. To lock the top part, you just need to push its silver button. Moreover, unlocking will also be the same ways.

Many beneficial features are added here. It brings Philips into the most considered brand for the bestselling kitchen utilities. This product is even served in most of online store and kitchen ware shop, although it is newly released. Besides, the technical functions are also impressive and attractive for many professionals. This AirFryer is completed also using the temperature control which fully adjustable. To control it up, you will be served by the range of degree. Its maximum reaches are 390 degrees. You are capable to process any base of food here.

In order to ensure the food taste and quality, you can adjust this AirFryer Philips HD9220/26 into the definite time that you want. Most of the food will be cooked for about 15 to 30 minutes. So, it has maximum 30 minutes to have auto shut off feature. All the materials used are dishwasher safe. It ensures the clean and sterilization of the utensils once you finished doing frying activity using this tool. The basket capacity becomes one of the reasons why people purchase this air fryer. It takes your 1.8 lbs of food for full load.

Pros and Cons of AirFryer Philips HD9220/26

http://themakerync.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Home-AirFryer-Philips-HD9220-under-200-Specs.jpgBesides the presence of low calories in every food that you cook, using AirFryer Philips HD9220/26 will also lead you to the better experience of cooking. All the food you taste will have better nutrients including low fat as well. Based on the research, using the product of AirFryer from Philips will give you more than 70% of less fat possibilities. It can be the best partner for your diet program. Now, you can eat delicious food without afraid of getting fat time to time. After that, you can also enjoy the presence of its dark colored items around. The color will be able to make the dirt fade. This is what commonly happens in every cooker in your kitchen.

Another benefit that might impress you is located on the dimension of the Air Fryer. It has 15.3×15.3 and 14.9 inches. All the size shows the simplicity of installation. If you pick this utility, you can prepare average amount of menu in the sequence of time. Since it does not use any type of oil, there will be no interval cooking as well as the gas based Air Fryer. It gives you faster cooking process, especially if you serve the menus in restaurant or any food store that you owned.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 06:43:30

On the other hand, the cons are basically minimal. The presence of glassy surface on the outside wrap of the tools will gain the slippery surface. It makes you harder to grab the utensils when your hand is wet. Besides, the utility has large weight. It can be a problem if a woman tries to lifts it up to move the AirFryer. Overall, everything is great. That is the reason why people are waiting for AirFryer Philips HD9220/26 and even looking the newest version of it.

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