8 Cheap White Bedroom Furniture Sets December 2017

Choosing bedroom set based on color is a good idea to start your search. White bedroom set for example, makes a good choice for any colored layout. White is a neutral color after all. Of course, even white can look fashionable as long as the furniture design is good enough to work together with it. For that reason, we will tell you 8 cheap white bedroom furniture sets here.

Decide on for Whom the Bed is Needed

Before we talk about the 8 bedroom sets, we recommend you to consider some things to find the best one for you. First, you need to decide for whom the bed is needed. There are many kinds of bed sold in the market. Sometimes, they are made big enough for spouse. Sometimes, they are small enough for kids. There is no need for you to buy king-sized bed if it is for a child, right? If you have clear aim for whom the bed is, you don’t have given so much concern to the beds that are meant for someone else. See also king bedroom sets under $1000.

Pick the Bed Structure You Want

This is something you need to consider as well. Bed has various structures to choose from. Sometimes, it is made into double bed, twin bed, bunk bed, four-poster bed, etc. It does not always appear to be a single bed. If you are choosing bed for two kids, then the bunk bed would be a good choice. It is especially good for cramped room, for this structure is made of two beds designed with one above the other. Regardless of that, you need to make sure that the bed is what is needed for the people who will sleep on it.

Get the Type of Finish You Like

Indeed, it is clear already that you will get white finish on the furniture from the furniture you set your eyes on since we are talking about white bedroom set here. However, not all sets are finished with the same type. Sometimes, they are finished with white lacquer finish, white painted finish, white wash finish, white melamine finish, multi-step white finish, etc. Sometimes, the bed is even simply upholstered in white faux leather too. If you are fond of certain type of finish, you can take it as consideration to choose your new bed.

See What’s Included and What’s Not

Don’t you think it is important to know the items that are and are not included in the set you choose to buy? Of course, it is important. You must be picky to choose a good set with affordable price. Sometimes, you can only get bed and chest with certain price. However, you never know that you can get more items added with a bit higher price. If you can afford more money, wouldn’t it make a great purchase with more items added? That is why this is something that you can’t simply ignore when you want to buy something in set.

Know the Price the Sets Tagged with

The last thing you have to make sure is none other than the price itself? Why, of course, you are looking for cheap bedroom sets after all. There are various prices tagged for each bedroom set. If you are looking for a cheap one yet still want it to be good in its quality, you need to set price range you can afford to buy the set. Then, use it to sort out the sets till you find the one that can give the best features or others that are beneficial to you.

Now, let’s get to know the 8 cheap bedroom sets that we want to recommend to you here. Although they are cheap in price, they have good quality to take into account.

Nexera District 4-Piece Queen Bedroom Set

Nexera District 4-Piece Queen Bedroom SetFinished in white lacquer and melamine, this bed with linear design is just so serene to look at. It features quick-access storage at the top with it being made with drop-down door. Still at the same section, you will get wire management to let you manage your things tidily. You can put anything there. This bed set also comes with large drawer with metal glides at the bottom, giving more storage to store your things in.

Made in Canada, this bed set gives contemporary look with modern lines and pure white color on it. With melamine top panel on the storage too, this set offers scratch and stain resistance. Not to mention, the furniture in this set is easy to clean. You get adjustable levelers from this set too. Because of that, you can get optimal positioning and easy adjustment. Priced around $700.00, this set is a nice choice for bedroom set with modern design.

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Coaster Home Tully Queen Bed White

Coaster Home Tully Queen Bed WhiteDo you want more option of bed set with modern look? This is what you can surely get from this queen bed. Read also queen bedroom sets under $1000. Made in USA, this bed actually features classic upholstered headboard and footboard. The classic feature is shown with both having button-tufted design on their upholstery. However, all parts of the bed are upholstered with white vinyl. Not to mention, the footboard is made to shape like a wave at the end of the bed.

These things only make this bed look more and more modern despite is being upholstered with classic design. Need to be known, this bed is available in queen size only. Priced at around $500.00 to $600.00, this bed should bring chic look in your bedroom. Since it is white too, you can put pillow or blanket with any color you like. They should be able to combine nicely together. With deep purple for example, you can make it look rich and elegant.

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South Shore Kids Cheap White Bedroom Furniture Sets

South Shore Kids Cheap White Bedroom Furniture SetsIf you are looking for bedroom set with more storage, this set will be a good one to choose. Why not? It comes with dresser that has 6 drawers, nightstand that has drawer and open storage, and headboard that has bookcase. Not to mention, the bed itself is made with some more drawers at the bottom. With this much storage, you can have many places to store your things while you want them to be within your reach.

Although mattress is not included in this set, this set should be enough to satisfy you with its storage. Finished in white wash, this set offers pure beauty in country style. Unlike the others, this bed can be chosen for just anyone, like kids, teens, or even adults. Any accessories you put on will look nice in this white set. It should be easier for you to put it in a bedroom with any layout. Made in Canada, this set is tagged with price around $700.00, as expected from cheap white bedroom furniture sets.

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Home Styles 5530-5014 White Bedroom Furniture Sets

Home Styles 5530-5014 White Bedroom Furniture SetsHomeowners don’t always need much storage in the bedroom set, you see. That is why you can see this set here as a good choice. The bed in this set is not made to be full-storage one. The ones that have the role to provide enough storage for you are the nightstand and the chest. Although the nightstand looks small, it does provide one drawer and quite ample open storage below it. Meanwhile, the chest provides 4 larger drawers.

It does not have bookcase whatsoever on its headboard, but this bed features raised panels on it as well as on the footboard. Finished in multi-step white finish, this set looks rich and pure at the same time. Made in Indonesia, this set is tagged with the price around $600.00. This is an affordable price range. If you want to own this set, you should buy it before the price changes. You will surely be happy to have this set around in your room.

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South Shore Kids White Wash Bedroom Furniture Sets

South Shore Kids White Wash Bedroom Furniture SetsAre you looking bedroom set for your kid? If so, this bedroom set might serve as a good option for you. It is the one with the bed being full-storage. You get bookcase on the headboard. You can also get some drawers at the bottom. Not to mention, it comes with other furniture as well. They are dresser with 6 drawers and nightstand with drawer and open storage. Kids have many things they want to keep near them.

That is why it is a good idea to choose bedroom set for kids that offers much storage like this. Not to mention, this bed set itself is beautiful in white wash finish. Why not? This set has grooves, kickplates, and moldings that complement the pure look of white even more and make this set look elegant even in country style. Made in Canada, this set is priced around $600.00. Don’t you think it is a good price for it?

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Roundhill Laveno 012 White Wood Bedroom Furniture Set

Roundhill Laveno 012 White Wood Bedroom Furniture SetThis time, we would recommend this bedroom set for those who want to make more statement in bedroom. This set consists of one queen-sized bed, one dresser with 7 drawers and mirror, and two nightstands each with 3 drawers. You can say that there is more than enough storage from this set. It makes a good choice for adults who are looking for such thing from bedroom set. Are you one of those people then?

Although it is finished with traditional white finish, it has timeless panel styling, making its beauty last for years to come. S-shaped feet are designed to serve as the furniture’s support as well. It is a nice design that adds more beauty to this set. You can say that it has classic design yet bold style at the same time. That is why it looks so special. Made in Vietnam, this set is priced around $1,400.00 to $1,500.00.

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Discovery World White Finish Bedroom Furniture Sets

Discovery World White Finish Bedroom Furniture SetsAs it was said before, bunk bed is a good structure to choose for two kids or twins. It is especially good for those who only have small room for those kids. This bed set here will be a good one to choose. It has its design like a bunk bed with the bed below having more space, thus giving enough space for two people. To reach the upper bed, there is stair to go up. The upper bed however, is smaller, thus giving space for one person only.

The lower bed has three drawers at the bottom, while you get 3 more drawers made on one side of the stair. Coming with this set, there is 8-inch mattress for you. You only have to find the toppers, pillows, and blankets to complete the bed in your kids’ room. Finished with white lacquer finish, this bedroom set looks rich and beautiful. Of course, it is made of solid wood, so it should be strong. This set is priced around $800.00 to $900.00.

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Poundex White Bedroom Furniture Set

Poundex White Bedroom Furniture SetOne more bedroom set we want to recommend to you here is this one. It comes with one full size bed, one nightstand with two drawers, and one dresser with 6 drawers and 1 mirror. This set is complete enough for bedroom. Not to mention, its chic look is a nice one for teenager’s room. Unlike the other bedroom sets we were talking about earlier, this one has white painted finish on it. Even so, it offers beautiful soft look for us.

Such pure look will be something that people would like to be in their room. It somehow offers airy atmosphere inside too. Of course, this bedroom set is durable and strong for it is made of solid, sturdy wood construction. This set also features cape-cod style with the drawers having dovetail joinery. This style should be able to bring nice feeling inside a bedroom. Priced around $800.00 to $900.00, this set is worth to buy.

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There you go. You have known the 8 cheap white bedroom furniture sets that have quite fashionable look on them. Whether you are choosing the bed for yourself, your kids, or others, you should be able to find the nicest one among those 8 sets above. Choose one of them while considering the things we were talking about earlier. You will surely find the best one of all.

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