6 Cheap Sectional Sofas under 500 December 2017

Many homeowners do care about their living room design. Among the ways available, they would carefully choose the right sofas for the room design. The sofas should be functional yet still stylish at the same time. Of course, homeowners would be thrilled to get their hands on them with quite affordable price. Here, you will be told things you need to consider before buying sofas as well as some cheap sectional sofas under 500 you can consider.

Pick Some Affordable Sofas

Since we are talking about sofas sold with the price lower than $500, it is only right for you to pick the sofas that include in that category first. Sorting out all available sofas based on the intended price to pay for first will make things easier for you to sort them out again by other categories you need later. Don’t worry! There are many affordable sofas out there. But, just because they are cheap in price, it does not mean that they are cheap in quality. There are surely one or two sofas that are the best for your needs

Sort Out the Size You Need

The next thing you need to do is to sort out the available sofas in the market by the size that is needed for your living room. Of course, it is not wise to choose big sofas when you only have small room, and vice versa. It will either make the room look cramped or too lacking instead. For home design, this is not a good idea that can make your room look good and nice. Things should be in harmony even in home design. That is why you need to buy the sofas that are just appropriate for your living room in the term of size.

Check on the Sofas’ Function

The thing you should concern yourself with after that is the sofas’ function. What use of having nice-looking sofa is it can’t function as it is supposed to be? Since it is sofas for living room, you must know that they should function as something you can sit on comfortably. Nowadays, sofas are accompanied by things, like ottoman, chaise, etc. So, choosing sofas with back rests and arm rests is good, but it is way better if you can get your hands on the ones that can offer something for your legs to rest on like that.

Make Sure the Durability

Then, it is important for you to not forget making sure that the sofas you choose are durable. Even if they are tagged with price under $500, have the right size you need, and functions properly; all of them will seem useless if the sofas are not durable at all. Surely, homeowners like things that can last for a long time for their home design. That is why durability is something significant that can’t be left out at all. Check on the materials used overall, including the frame and the cover. They should be strong enough for years to come. cheap living room sets under 500

Choose the Look You Like the Most

The last thing to consider here mostly depends on your preference, although you still need to consider choosing the right look that would be suitable for your living room. Yes, after you have sorted the sofas based on everything you need above, it is finally the time for you to choose the look you want the most from them. Choose one that looks attractive to you and are capable of complementing your room design. Sofas are often offered with more than one color option after all. So, get the best-looking one from them.

By now, you should have understood the important things you need to consider before buying new sofas for your living room. So, this time we would give you 6 examples of the best sofas that might meet your needs here.

Modern Contemporary Lined Sectional Sofa Under 500

Modern Contemporary Lined Sectional Sofa Under 500The Modern Contemporary Lined Sectional Sofa here indeed has the look of modern contemporary one in its design. Offered in the color options of dark gray, light gray, and red, this sofa looks just so stunning and stylish. When it comes to the function, it is made with arm rests and head rests. Not to mention, it is made with chaise that is designed to face right. If it is about the size, it is big enough so it will make a perfect choice for spacious living room.

Although its legs are small below, they got chrome finish on them. So, they look shiny, thus complementing the overall look of the sofa even more. Not to mention, they are made of steel that are known for being strong material to make strong structure. As for the sofa cover, it is designed with carefully chosen fabric. That is why you can be sure that the structure and the cover are made strong and well to last for years to come. It feels great to have such furniture around.

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Bobkona Trenton 2-Piece Cheap Sectional Sofa

Bobkona Trenton 2-Piece Cheap Sectional Sofa
The Bobkona Trenton 2-Piece Sectional Sofa is indeed priced with lower price range than Modern Contemporary Lined Sectional Sofa. However, it is not as modern-looking as that sofa. Rather, it is the one that can offer elegance in natural way. The color options are chocolate, red, and saddle. Although the seat cover differs in color, all color options have chocolate-colored faux leather in their hardwood frame. The color schemes of the sofa make them somehow look naturally elegant.

Furthermore, it is known that this sofa is comfortable for it feels soft and squishy. It is because the cushions are filled with polyfiber and are upholstered by soft microfiber. They are also made firm to provide you with total comfort when you sit on them. There are 2 accent pillows included as well, so there is no need for you to look others that can match the sofa design. This is truly one of cheap sectional sofas under 500 with good quality to choose. It will really satisfy your needs at home.

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Cheap Sectional Sofa Modern Bonded Leather

Cheap Sectional Sofa Modern Bonded Leather
The Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa here is offered with color options of black and white. Regardless of the color you choose, this sofa is kind of plain, but looks somehow chic on its own way. When it comes to the size, it is the best choice for small living room. Not to mention, it is reversible chaise sectional sofa which means that you can configure the sofa in many different ways. This should provide different look in the room as well.

It is said to be light enough too, so you can set it up or move it here and there easily. As for its materials, this sofa has hardwood to make its frame and bonded leather for its upholstery. Both materials are considered to be one of durable materials used in home furniture. It is also sturdy enough for it can take little jumping from kids. Among the 6 sofas we introduce here, it is the one with the lowest price range. What can you ask more from such sofa?

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Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 500 by Poundex

Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 500 by Poundex
This Modern Grey Linen-Like Fabric Reversible Sectional Sofa is another kind of sofas that are perfect for small living room. If you are not fond of the look of Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa, you can always choose this one here. Although it has only grey as its color option, it is just the right color to complement modern-themed living room. It is simply nice and stylish for such theme. So, it makes a great choice for you.

Moreover, you get the option of flipping the cushion if you wish to do so. As the name suggests, this sofa is reversible type. Because of that, you can configure it however you want. You can even get a stool instead of a chaise from it. It is also said that this sofa is neither too hard nor too soft. So, it makes perfect feeling for the right sofa. Of course, it is made durable to last for a long time. It is priced higher than Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa though.

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Bobkona 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set under 500

Bobkona 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set under 500
If there is option for you to choose, you should care to consider buying sectional sofa set. Bobkona Hungtinton Microfiber/Faux Leather 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set is one of those priced under $500. This is great offer for you don’t have to buy the other parts, like ottoman separately to accompany the sofa in living room. Provided in color options of chocolate, cream, saddle, sage, and wheat; this sofa just looks beautiful in every color. Just choose the one you like the most then and it should sit in your living room nicely.

Let us tell you here that this set consists of 3-person sofa, reversible chaise, oversized ottoman, and 2-piece accent pillow. The frames are made of hardwood and are covered by dark brown faux leather. Meanwhile, the cushions are upholstered with stain-resistant microfiber. Of course, good-quality poly fiber is used to fill both seat and back cushions. Not to mention, pocket inner spring coils are used to provide more supportive seats. Great seats can surely be obtained from this sofa.

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Faux Linen Chaise Sectional Sofa, 2-Piece

Faux Linen Chaise Sectional Sofa, 2-PieceBobkona Poundex Benford Collection Faux Linen Chaise Sofa here is priced within the price range that is the highest among all the sofas in this article. The priced tagged for it is reasonable for it does give you more things to consider buying it. Colored in ash black, this sofa looks just so great for modern living room. It has clean lines and bold presence, thus offering nice style in the room. When it comes to size, this sofa is not small. So, it is recommended for medium to large living room.

Need to be known, this sofa is reversible as well. Thus, you can set up the section in any configuration you want. Of course, this sofa is also made with microfiber fabric. This is just the right fabric for it can offer you with wear ability and seam strength. That is why it can last for a long time. Moreover, microfiber fabric is known for its beauty and comfort. So, when both beauty and comfort last long, you can expect nice living room in a long term with it around.

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There you go. Those are all what you need to know about buying cheap sectional sofas under 500. There are indeed some things to consider before making decision of buying one. You do have to check on the price, size, function, durability, and look in order to get the best one of all. Those 6 sofas above are the best ones both in price and in quality. So, you can just sort them out based on your preference and you will get the sofa you need.

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