8 Best Small Gas Grill December 2017

Anyone would want to get cooking appliance that is easy to deal with. Speaking about gas grill, you might have thought that it is the kind of cooking appliances that are such a pain to use for it is often big in its dimensions. However, even gas grill has the small-sized ones that can offer great portability. Here, we would tell you several kinds of the best small gas grill you can consider. Before that, let’s learn some things to keep in mind first.

Get the Style You Wish to Have

Some things that you need to keep in mind are something you can base your choice on to sort out many gas grills to find the best one of all. Among them, you can start sorting out based on the style you with to have. You can choose whether to get the one with stand or to get the one with the tabletop style. Both are your choice. Even if gas grill is made with stand, sometimes they can be unexpectedly portable too.

Learn About the Product Dimensions

You know that every product sold in the market has dimensions. By knowing that, it becomes easier for you to guess how big or small, tall or short, and wide or narrow products are. You might as well guess their average weight based on that. Learning about product dimensions helps you to know whether or not the product will be such a pain to deal with. You will know whether or not it will be easy to move around too.

Make Sure the Portability

Speaking about portability, you should have learnt it from the product dimensions. However, being portable here is not only about such thing. If possible, you should find product that is foldable. Having its parts folded will make the product compact enough for us to move or store it anywhere we want. Usually, it is offered in gas grill with stand. Sometimes, the tabletop gas grill has its shelves folded as well.

Get to Know the Product Price

The last thing that you shouldn’t leave out no matter what is about knowing the product price. Of course, you can’t simply buy things only based on your preference. You need to consider the price too. If you are lucky, you should be able to find good-quality gas grill with only affordable price. This is something every budget-minded person would want to get. If you are such person too, make sure to compare the price as well.

Now, then, you must have known why it is important to learn those things when choosing gas grills to find the best one of all. What use of buying product that does not meet our needs? It won’t be the best product for you even if it is the best in the market. Take a look at our list of 8 best gas grills here and consider them carefully.

Char-Broil Portable Best Small Gas Grill

Char-Broil Portable Best Small Gas GrillChar-Broil seems to have big popularity when it comes to gas grill product. The gas grill here itself is pretty much worth to take into account. You can say it is that of tabletop style. It has no stand to keep it high and it has legs by itself instead. So, you can simply put it on the table while using it. Its dimensions are 24 inches x 12 inches x 15 inches and it weighs for around 10.3 pounds.

If we must say about its portability, it is not like it can be folded like gas grill with stand. Its body design is already compact enough to offer easiness of transport. You can guess by considering its dimensions as well as its weight. With it being small and lightweight, it saves you from lots of things. It is the number one best seller of propane grills with its price being under $30.00.

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Coleman 2000017442 Road Trip Portable Small Grill

Coleman 2000017442 Road Trip Portable Small GrillThe Coleman product here is nice-looking one, really. It is the style in which the gas grill has the stand to support it. Even so, the stand has its legs crossing each other only. That is why the part below the grill does not look bulky at all. Not to mention, the grill itself is not big, but pretty much compact. Its dimensions are 19.3 inches x 19.3 inches x 33.75 inches, while it weighs for 48.75 lbs.

Speaking about its portability, this one will of course be portable for you. Although it seems rather big and heavy, this grill has its stand being foldable to make it compact enough for transport. Moreover, there are large handle and wheels that should come in handy when you pull it. Priced under $200.00, it is reasonable price for this product with its easiness in its portability.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 11:52:40
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Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Small Gas Grill

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Small Gas GrillThis gas grill here has its upper part looked bulky. However, since it has stand with tall legs that are not covered, this gas grill does seem bulky at all if we look at it as a whole. This is pretty interesting design if we must say. Rather than having totally bulky body, this one somehow looks better even with bulky grill. Its dimensions are 24.4 inches x 25.2 inches x 38.2 inches with 43.7 pound weight.

All that can be said about its portability is not about it being small or lightweight enough for you to lift it up. It is not even foldable too. However, it does have two casters on its legs. Just by pushing or pulling it will do to move it anywhere you want. With casters, this grill seems lighter than if you lift it up. With that many good things to offer, this gas grill is priced under $150.00 only.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 05:52:16
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Char-Broil Portable Small Gas Grill

Char-Broil Portable Small Gas GrillAs one kind of the best small gas grill, this gas grill won’t be left out of the list. This grill looks like rectangular box with steel legs. You might be able to include it as tabletop style. However, it might be precisely regarded as on-the-go style. Of course, it is because you can bring it anywhere you want without any difficulty at all. Its dimensions are 12.3 inches x 24.1 inches x 15 inches.

Meanwhile, it weighs for around 10.1 pounds. Upon knowing this, you should have been able to guess why it is portable. To be exact, it is small and lightweight, of course. It is so portable that you can bring it out for camping without any fuss. It does not even take too much space when you have to store it. Priced as low as under $40.00, this gas grill is so budget-friendly, indeed.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 05:52:12
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Best Cuisinart CGG-180T Tabletop Small Gas Grill

Best Cuisinart CGG-180T Tabletop Small Gas GrillThis gas grill too has its form looking like rectangular box with legs at the bottom. As the name suggests, it is the tabletop style. However, we must say that its appearance is quite attractive with its design and colors; red, white, and black. This grill seems solid-looking too, so you can be sure about its durability. Its dimensions are 16 inches x 16.5 inches x 13 inches with 18 pound weight.

With its compact body, it should be portable enough for you to carry it easily. It is not that heavy either, although it does heavier than the on-the-go style. Even so, this Cuisinart product is pretty much well-liked by most customers. It is sure to come with many useful features for your needs. Just for you to know, its current price is just under $100.00. It is pretty affordable, isn’t it?

Last price update: 2018-11-18 05:52:08
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Weber Q1000 Small Liquid Propane Grill

Weber Q1000 Small Liquid Propane GrillTabletop-styled grill does not always appear to be boxy in its body design. Sometimes, they can be bulky in oval shape like what you will see in this propane grill here. No matter how the shape is, this one is indeed tabletop kind. You can be sure to grill your foods without any trouble of taking this grill out from its storage. Not to mention, its dimensions are 20.5 inches x 27 inches x 23.5 inches.

As for its weight, it weighs for around 26.6 pounds. It is not as lightweight as the others of the same style though. However, this grill is made with solid construction to ensure durability. So, consider about it as well. When it comes to portability, it is portable enough to provide easy transport. With all those things, it is reasonable for it to be priced under $200.00.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 05:52:04
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Cuisinart CGG-200 Portable Outdoor Tabletop Small Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-200 Portable Outdoor Tabletop Small Gas GrillThis gas grill seems to be square in its body design. Even so, it is not bulky at all. The grill is made rather thin-looking one. If it is about the style, it includes as tabletop kind. This is good to grill foods while spending family time at home. It is even good for backyard party with friends. Either way, it is still nice choice to choose. Let us tell you here. Its dimensions are 15 inches x 18.5 inches x 42 inches.

How about its weight then? It actually weighs for around 37 pounds. You might need some effort to lift it up, but it is not as heavy as there is a need for men to help you out. So, you can say that it is still portable enough. It is not that big in its body as well. So, this grill too is worth to consider. If you want to own it, you need to know that it is priced under $200.00.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 13:43:09
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Char-Broil TRU Infrared 180 Small Gas Grill

Char-Broil TRU Infrared 180 Small Gas GrillThis is the last one that we want to recommend here. This gas grill too is tabletop kind. Basically, it is rather bulky and round. However, it does have legs to support the grill. Not to mention, it is pretty cool-looking as well, considering its gray and black tones. You will like how it will look, especially when it is used outdoor. Its dimensions are 17.7 inches x 21.4 inches x 17.3 inches.

Meanwhile, this product weighs for around 22 pounds. For bulky and round shape, this weight is considered to be pretty much portable for us, you see. It is even solid-looking one. With this convenience though, you can easily transport it anywhere you want. How much do we have to pay for it? Currently, you can buy it with the price under $150.00. It is a nice price to offer.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 05:52:00

Now, what do you think about what we have been talking about so far? There are indeed things you need to consider when choosing gas grill to buy. Only by doing so, we can get the best small gas grill that meets both our needs and expectations. Those 8 gas grills are very much worth to take into account, considering what they can offer to us while being tagged with quite affordable price. Make sure to at least learn about them and consider.

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