8 Best Small Charcoal Grill December 2017

There are many methods of cooking. One of the most common cooking methods is grilling. For example, if you want to make burgers, steaks, or sausages, you need to grill them. So, you need to use a grill to cook them. Before you buy a grill, there are some factors that you have to pay attention. The first thing is the style whether you want to buy a gas, electric, or charcoal grill. In this case, I suggest you to but the charcoal one. Then, the size is also very important. Considering the portability, small grill is a good idea. So, you should focus on finding the best small charcoal grill.

The Advantages of Small Grill

If you buy a small grill, you may not be able to grill meats with great amounts because the cooking surface is not large enough. In fact, this makes you able to cook meats evenly so that the grilling process can be maximized. Besides that, smaller grill is lighter in weight. So, you can easily move or bring it from one place to another, from indoor to outdoor. Considering those advantages, you need to look for the best portable charcoal grill.

The Advantages of Charcoal Grill

There are some advantages of charcoal grill. The first advantage is related to the taste. The taste of the foods you grill using a charcoal grill will taste smoky. Of course, you will never find this if you grill foods using a charcoal grill. This distinct taste makes people interested so much in it. Besides that, the grilling process will also be slower. With longer time, you can grill the foods evenly. Therefore, all parts of the meats are grilled well so that the meats are safe to eat.

Still related to the slow grilling, it also has another benefit. The continuous exposure of heating in slow cooking will help you to make the fat and the foods separated. That is why the foods cooked using a charcoal grill is healthier than foods cooked using other kinds of grill. In relation to the nutrients, charcoal grill can also keep the nutrients found in the foods. So, you can still enjoy the foods without losing the nutrients. Lastly, the price is also lower than the other models of grill. That is all the small charcoal grill advantages that you have to know.

The Heat for a Charcoal Grill

If you want to grill meats on a charcoal grill, you have to know the ideal heat for it. Different people may grill foods with different heats on a charcoal grill. However, 500 degrees of Fahrenheit will be the best heating. It is the normal heat to cook foods using this grill. However, you can also grill foods with up to 700 degrees of Fahrenheit using this grill.

After knowing the advantages of small charcoal grill above, you may be interested in it. So, you have to look for the best one. To ease you to find it, you can consider the following most recommended options for you.

Best Lodge Small Charcoal Grill L410

Best Lodge Small Charcoal Grill L410If you want to buy a luxurious small charcoal grill, you can consider buying this option. It is priced more than $ 100 but you will be satisfied with this grill. The size of this grill is 19” x 10.25” x 8.25” whereas the cooking grate size offered is 17.25” x 9”. It is ready to use to grill any food you want such as burger, steaks, etc.

This grill applies 2 high temperature systems for the cooking speed that are adjustable. It also applies a draft door to regulate the heat. Then, you can also find coals behind the flip down door. For the durability, it uses cast iron that is very strong and durable so that the quality is undoubted. In addition, this small charcoal grill is also easy to clean by hand. To be more durable, you should wash it regularly or after you use this grill.

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Fire Sense Small Yakatori Best Small Charcoal Grill

Fire Sense Small Yakatori Best Small Charcoal GrillThis is a good choice of small charcoal grill for you. It is very affordable. You can buy it less than $ 40. Based on the design, it looks simple but attractive. That is why it is appropriate for cooking anywhere either indoor or outdoor. You can also move it easily from one place to another because of the small size.

The construction is very durable because it is made from clay with handmade. So, it is heat resistant. Therefore, this grill will not be broken even though you use it in often every day or anytime you want. The adjustable ventilation is also useful especially to make the air flow run better. So, the taste of the foods you grill will also be fresher. It is also featured with a big cooking surface which allows you to grill foods as great amounts based on your desire.

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Weber Small Charcoal Grill 121020 Go-Anywhere

Weber Small Charcoal Grill 121020 Go-AnywhereStill under $ 50, this small charcoal grill can also be your best choice. It offers the portable design so that you can use it anywhere. For example, you can use it indoor, outdoor, for picnic, etc. The various options of using area make people interested in it. This grill is also packed win a nice and tight package that will ease you to bring it anywhere.

The quality can be seen from the materials used. Because it is coated with porcelain, it will not be rust as well as faded so that the durability is very good. To add the safety, it applies pivoting legs that can lock its lid in the area or place you want. The cooking surface is also ideal with 160 square inches. For the cooking grate, it uses nickel plated material. Overall, it is very satisfying and recommended to buy.

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Best Small Charcoal Grill Cuisinart CCG-190RB

Best Small Charcoal Grill Cuisinart CCG-190RBCompared to the previous options, this grill is less expensive because you can get it under $ 30. However, you should not be doubt of the quality. Let’s see the materials it uses. The fiberbox is coated with enamel that is very durable. Not only durable, it also looks very stylish. Besides that, you should also thank to the ash catcher that is mess free as well as convenient.

To control the temperature, this small charcoal grill applies dual system of venting. So, the temperature can be controlled more easily and better. Besides portable, it is also safe to transport from one place to another because this grill is featured with 3 secured lid locks. The grilling surface offered is 14 inches where it is made from plated chrome. Then, the grill size comes with 150 square feet. Considering what it offers above, it can be believed to be the best small charcoal grill.

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Marsh Allen Small Charcoal Grill 30052AMZ

Marsh Allen Small Charcoal Grill 30052AMZIt is the next option that is recommended for you to buy. If you are interested in it, you can buy it affordably with under $ 40. Even thou the design is classic, it is appropriate for today’s charcoal grill. This small charcoal grill comes with 157 square inches of the cooking surface. So, you can use it effectively as well as efficiently.

Then, this grill is also featured with 3 cooking grids where the position is adjustable. To protect the adjustment, it applies wooden grid handles. It is also good because this grill has 2 air vents that are adjustable so that the rates of charcoal burn will be controlled well. There are still many other interesting features offered. Overall, this small charcoal grill is advised so much for you.

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Fire Sense Small Charcoal Grill

Fire Sense Small Charcoal GrillIf you are looking for an affordable grill, this small charcoal grill may be one of the cheapest ones. Priced with less than $ 20, of course everyone is interested in it. Even though it is very cheap, this grill is designed with a unique shape. It can be one of the factors that attract many people to buy this grill.

To set up this charcoal grill, it is easy to do by anyone simply because it applies 2 step set up. The height of this grill is 14.18 inches when it is fully assembled. This height is very idea for you to use at anywhere. In addition, this is also very portable. The folds flat to one inch make you easier to transport it from one place to another you want. There are many people who are satisfied after buying this small charcoal grill.

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Char Griller Best Small Charcoal Grill 2-2424

Char Griller Best Small Charcoal Grill 2-2424This small charcoal grill is also a good option to choose. It is also affordable even though the price is more than $ 50. There are many interesting features that it offers. One of the factors that make it look attractive is the horizontal smoker with Texas style. The table top of the grill is also designed uniquely. You can also go easily to the side fire box from the grill. However, you cannot go to the grill back after you do it.

The side fire box applied fit the Duo, Outlaw, Wrangler, and Chargriller Pro Deluxe. It is very durable because it is constructed with heavy steel. Then, the cooking grates are also strong with cast iron material. You can use big enough cooking surface where the size is 250 square inches. Other interesting features are the hood handles, ash pan, and sliding drawers that are very useful for you.

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Weber 10020 Smokey Joe Small Charcoal Grill

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe Small Charcoal GrillAnother best option is Weber 10020 Smokey Joe. This small charcoal grill is affordable to buy. Besides that, you can also use it for various purposes such as car camping, tailgate parties, cookouts, vacations, or other purposes. It has an ideal cooking grate diameter for a small grill with 14.5 inches. The cooking grate is also plated with triple nickel.

To remove its lid anytime you want, this grill applies handle that is made of glass reinforced nylon. Then, it is also rust as well as fading resistant because this grill is coated with porcelain. So, it is really strong and durable. In addition, if you buy this grill, you will also get 10 years if the warranty that is limited. That is why Weber 10020 Smokey Joe can be considered as the best small charcoal grill to buy in the market today.

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