Top 10 Best Push Lawn Mower December 2017

Do you take a liking to push lawn mower? Well, although you have to put more effort to use such lawn mower, it does eliminate the trouble of dealing with fuels, like gas, oil, etc. We have 10 choices of the best push lawn mower here. We will list the ones that have been great in comfort and performance. All you need to do about them after that is to sort them out while considering some simple, but important things here. So, make sure to keep them in mind to get the best one for you.

See How the Mower Looks Like

If the capabilities are the only things in your mind when you have to choose lawn mowers, you might think that knowing the look is not that important. However, you need to rethink it for people sometimes don’t feel like doing the job in the lawn if the mower itself looks terribly plain. You can’t deny that good-looking mowers can encourage us to do the chore. Not to mention, you will feel happy as you work with it. So, even the look is important to consider.

Get to Know the Mower’s Dimensions

To tell you the truth, push lawn mowers are basically small and lightweight, but it is not always the case. Sometimes, they can be rather big and heavier. If you want to get the one that is portable enough for you, you have to get to know the mower’s dimensions, including the weight. Only by doing so, you can guess yourself how portable it would be for you to handle. It is good to know if you want to know whether or not it would be easy to transport and to store.

Find Out What the Mower Features

Speaking about the mower’s features, there should be many of them to find out. Regardless the number of features offered, it is better for you to know even a little bit about them. So, get the information as much as possible. The better your understanding about the mower, the easier it would be for you to deal with it at home. Sometimes, they are really important things to know, like the engine, blade, system, etc. used in the mower.

Let Yourself Aware of the Mower’s Price

If you are aiming to buy it someday in the near future, it is a must to know about the mower’s price. People have their own limit on money they can afford to spend for. Some people might have wanted the affordable ones, while some others might feel just fine with any price. It all depends on you. You are the one who will buy and use it yourself after all. If you are budget-minded person, you will find the price to be very important thing to know.

There you go. Those 4 things are the things you need to consider while sorting out the list of 10 mowers that we are going to tell you below. So, let’s see the list here then.

Lawn-Boy 10730 Push Gas Walk Behind Lawn Mower

Lawn-Boy 10730 Push Gas Walk Behind Lawn MowerWe would say that Lawn-Boy mowers are the closest ones in design with Poulan Pro mowers. It has green deck with black-gray engine on top. It also has black-white small front and big rear wheels. Not to mention, it has black handle. What’s different is that this mower offers gray grass catcher behind the deck. With those mentioned tones, you will agree that you will feel like doing the lawn chore right away with it.

For such body design, this mower’s dimensions are 40.5 inches x 22.3 inches x 37.7 inches with it weighing for 61 pounds too. It is not really portable, but is not such a pain for transport and storage either. As for its features, it offers high wheel design, 2-point height-of-cut system, 3-year Tru-Start Commitment, and Kohler 149cc/6.5 ft.-lbs. Gross Torque/OHV Engine. For it, it is tagged with the price under $250.00.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 12:44:49
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Great States 415-16 Cheap Best Push Lawn Mower

Great States 415-16 Cheap Best Push Lawn MowerIf you don’t mind that much about the look of mower, you can choose this one here for it is pretty much simple in its look toned in white and black. Well, even simplicity has things that make it superior than the others, you know. Yes, it is about it being easy to deal with when it comes to transport and storage. Did you know? This product dimensions are 23.1 inches x 10.6 inches x 13.8 inches.

With those dimensions, it becomes possible for this lawn mower to weigh for 25.4 pounds only. It should save you so much trouble from transporting and storing it somewhere. This mower features 16-inch cutting width, 10-inch ball bearing wheels, height adjustment from 1/2inch to 2 3/4inches, powder coated finished handle, and heat treated blades. As for its price, this mower is currently under $100.00.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 12:45:23
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Scotts Affordable Push Lawn Mower 2000-20 Classic

Scotts Affordable Push Lawn Mower 2000-20 ClassicThis one here is a pretty chic one coming from Scotts manufacturer. It is simple, but looks interesting with green deck as well as two big front wheel and two small rear wheels toned in black and red. The color scheme is just suitable for lawn work, isn’t it? It is still compact, so you can expect to get portable dimensions. This product dimensions are 28 inches x 18 inches x 10 inches.

This lawn mower weighs for 34 pounds only too. This way, it should be a piece of cake to do transport and storage for it. This mower here features 20-inch reel with 10-inch dual tracking wheels and rugged radial tires, 9 grass heights, 5 heat-treated steel blades, and 2-year warranty. In order to get your hands on it, you have to be aware of its price. Currently, it is tagged with the price under $150.00.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 12:45:19
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Poulan Pro 961120131 PR500N21SH Hi-Wheel Push Lawn Mower

Poulan Pro 961120131 PR500N21SH Hi-Wheel Push Lawn MowerDid you take a liking to powerful-looking one? If so, you definitely consider this mower here. Well, why not? It has flat deck with its engine on top. The front wheels are small, while the rear ones are bigger. Toned mostly in black with a bit yellow parts, this mower looks pretty interesting. It is not as portable as the simple- designed ones, of course. Its dimensions are 33.5 inches x 25.2 inches x 18.8 inches.

As for the weight, it actually weighs for 52 pounds. It is heavier if you really compare it with the simple ones. However, it is not too heavy to deal with. Moreover, it features various things, like 21-inch deck, 2-in-1 capability and 7inch front and also 12 inch wheels. To get it, you have to pay the price under $200.00.

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Cheap American 1204-14 Push Lawn Mower

Cheap American 1204-14 Push Lawn MowerThis one will be the choice for those who like simple design yet still offer chic look at the same time. Although it has narrow deck for the blade while connecting the wheels, American Lawn Mower has red deck, black and white wheels, and stainless steel handle. The color scheme is so nice to look at. You can rejoice when it comes to its dimensions for they are 20 inches x 24 inches x 42.5 inches only.

Not to mention, it weighs for 20 pounds only. Talking about portability, this mower is very satisfying. It ensures you to get both easy transport and easy storage. Of course, it features various things as well, like deluxe hand-reel, precise scissor-like cut, alloy steel construction, 8 ½-inch polymer wheels, 1/2inch to 1 1/2inch cutting height, etc. Priced under $100.00, it makes its purchase a great feat.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 12:45:10
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GreenWorks Best Push Lawn Mower 16-Inch 25052

GreenWorks Best Push Lawn Mower 16-Inch 25052GreenWorks mowers have always been part of the best push lawn mower. This one here is very cool in its look despite its simple design. It is the one with green narrow deck connecting black and white wheels. The handle is white with black grip. Need to be known though; it is designed with black grass catcher behind it. This mower’s dimensions are 22 inches x 47 inches x 29.8 inches, ensuring how much portability it can offer.

What’s more? It weighs for 26 pounds only which make it all the more portable for your convenience to work around with it. Quite various features are offered as well. They are 16-inch cutting path, 2-in-1 capability, 4-position height adjustment, 10-inch front wheels, and 2-inch rear rollers. It is known for being quiet and easy while working. Get your hands on it with the price under $100.00.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 12:45:06
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Husqvarna 5521P Gas Powered 3-in-1 Best Push Lawn Mower

Husqvarna 5521P Gas Powered 3-in-1 Best Push Lawn MowerHusqvarna mowers are not that much different from Poulan Pro ones when it comes to its design. However, we must say that Husqvarna makes the mower rather cuter while looking powerful at the same time. It has black, gray, orange-toned deck with its engine on top, while it has black-and-white small front and big rear wheels. The handle is black and the grass catcher is in gray, offering nice color scheme you might like. Read also cheap gas lawn mowers.

Don’t you want to know its dimensions? They are actually 36.2 inches x 20.8 inches x 25.2 inches with 60 pounds of weight. Considering its body design, its dimensions are understandable. Of course, they are still portable. In it, it offers 140cc engine, 21-inch cutting width, 3-in-1 cutting capability, foldable handles, and 2-year limited warranty. Be prepared though for it is priced under $250.00.

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Remington RM3100 18-Inch Reel Push Lawn Mower

Remington RM3100 18-Inch Reel Push Lawn MowerIf you are looking for more choice of cool-looking yet simple-designed mower, Remington will gladly present this one here. This mower has narrow deck which is sideways upward. The front wheels are made big with small ones behind them. Grass catcher is also ready behind the deck. Toned all in black with a bit touch of orange tones here and there, this mower sure can look pretty cool and you will feel happy to work with it.

What do you think about its dimensions then? Well, you don’t have to worry for its dimensions are only 25.5 inches x 17.8 inches x 10 inches with 31.8 pounds for its weight. It is still pretty compact and lightweight, indeed. Furthermore, this mower features 18-inch cutting path, no gas, durable 5-blade adjustable reel cuts, 2-in-1 capability, and dual lever height adjustment. Unexpectedly, this mower is just priced under $100.00.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 12:44:57
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Yard Machines Best Push Lawn Mower 20-Inch

Yard Machines Best Push Lawn Mower 20-InchTalking about similarity, we would say that this Yard Machines mower resembles a lot in design with the one from Poulan Pro. It has fat but a bit bigger red deck with gray and black engine on top. Unlike Poulan Pro though, this mower has black-and-white wheels all with the same size. With the handle in black, this mower looks interesting to work with to get the lawn chore done without feeling it as something tiring.

Moreover, this product dimensions are 26 inches x 22 inches x 15.2 inches with the weight being 48 pounds only. Although the weight might twice the one of the simple ones, it is still lightweight compared to the one of its kind. This mower here features 140cc Powermore OHV engine, 20-inch steel deck, loop handle, and 7-inch by 7-inch front and rear wheels. Currently, the price going around for it is under $150.00.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 12:44:53
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Best Choice Products Push Lawn Mower Classic Hand Push Reel

Best Choice Products Push Lawn Mower Classic Hand Push ReelIf you do like classic-designed push lawn mower, this one from Best Choice Products® here would make a great choice for you. It has green narrow deck meant for the black blades. It also has black-white big front and small rear wheels. The handle and grass catcher are both in black. It sure is classic, but it has nice tones on it. It is just the suitable color schemes to have some work in the lawn.

Including the grass catcher, this mower has its dimensions to be 28 inches x 19.5 inches x 11 inches. Moreover, it weighs for 32.2 pounds only. Talking about portability, this is real great, you see. How about the features then? Well, you do get 5-steel blade rotary system, 20-inch cutting width, cushioned handle bar, and 9.75-inch front and 6-inch rear wheels. With those, you can get this mower just by paying the price under $100.00.

Last price update: 2018-10-20 12:44:45

We have reached the end of this article. Have you obtained enough choices from those 10 of the best push lawn mower then? Surely, you now understand that even push lawn mower can be nice one to work with. Recommended for medium to small-sized lawn, those mowers can offer great performance and comfort for you. Just choose one of all that meets your needs and expectations the most and you will feel great with it.

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