Top 6 Best Propane Fire Pit December 2017

Speaking about fire pit, homeowners would surely buy one or two with propane as its fuel. Enjoying fire without smelling the smoke is just priceless. Especially with the beauty of starry sky, you will get the best moment outdoor. However, fire pits don’t always serve as something for fire-gazing only. If you look at various kinds of the best propane fire pit, you should be able to figure out that they can offer for different use as well.

What You Are Going to Use It for

As it was said earlier, fire pit can be used other than for fire-gazing. Mainly, it is to keep us warm too while spending time outdoors. However, there is its kind that can be used as table. There is other kind that can be used as firelight too. If you have already seen wide range of fire pit, you should be able to decide which one you need the most. Thinking what you are going to use the fire pit for will be of help to get it quick.

What Form You Want from It

Surely, you know that fire pits come in various different forms. Sometimes, they take the form of an old stove, table, pillar, etc. Need to be known, each form suits for different thing. Simply put, if you see there is propane fire pit table, it means that you can use it as table besides enjoying the fire. Related to your purpose of using it, you can choose the form that meets your needs. Only then, you will make a good purchase.

How Tall You Want It to Be

Although the height should not be your only concern when buying fire pit, it is still important to think about. If you want fire pit for camping, you should need the one that is low enough for you since you might sit on the ground. Or if you sit on the chair and want the fire pit to be as tall as your knees, you need to find one that is tall enough for you. It depends on your preference, so you can take your time thinking about it.

How Portable It is for you

The last thing that you need to be sure of the best fire pit you want to buy is about its portability. You need to know whether or not that fire pit is easy enough to move around. Although you don’t need to think it that much if you want to only place it in your patio, you will need to think it hard instead if you are going to use it outdoor far from home, like if you go camping. Just find the one that is lightweight enough for you.

Did you know what’s so important from knowing those things? It is none other than for finding the best one for you. Don’t buy the one that is not even needed! Now, let’s see here. We have listed 6 fire pits best to choose.

Camp Chef FP40 Monterey Best Propane Fire Pit

Camp Chef FP40 Monterey Best Propane Fire PitThis fire pit is basically boxy and tall in its look. Since it is like this, you might have guessed what it is made for besides fire-gazing. Yes, it is made to serve as a table. Not to mention, it is tall enough to even reach the same height of the knees of an adult. Let us tell you here that this fire pit’s dimensions are 39 inches x 24 inches x 19 inches. With the table height being 24”, it looks great to stand it in front of patio chairs.

Did you know? This fire pit is known to be a beautiful patio centerpiece. If you open the table top, you will get fire pit with decorative fire glass. This decorative glass will be the one to reflect the flames beautifully. With the fire pit having the total output of 40,000 BTU/hr, you will get amazing fire to see. Weighing for 65.5 lbs, this fire pit is better to be put in your patio. Its beauty will make your night even better outdoor.

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Best Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Fire Pit

Best Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Fire PitIf you are looking for one that is great to bring along with you for camping, this fire pit will make a good choice. With it having the dimensions of 19.2 inches x 19.2 inches x 11.5 inches, this fire pit is portable enough to move around with ease. Moreover, it weighs for 22 pounds only. You will like how lightweight it is, making it way easier to bring along anywhere you want. You don’t even need others to help you.

As best outdoor fire pit for camping, this one is pretty chic in its look. It is brass toned and even has decorative holes along the wall of the fire pit bowl. With the color of the flame burning inside, this fire pit just looks amazingly beautiful, especially in the dark of the night. You can enjoy it while sitting on the ground or the chair. Since the fire pit’s height depends on your preference, you can just enjoy the flame however you wish.

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Outland Deluxe 890 Cheap Propane Fire Pit

Outland Deluxe 890 Cheap Propane Fire PitAre you looking for the best propane fire pit for camping that has modern look on it? Maybe, this fire pit is the one you are looking for. It is that of steel construction. So, you will see it being toned in black and silver. Need to be known, this fire pit is coated with high temperature powder coating and is finished with protective enamel finish. Its reflective body is what makes it chic. It even has decorative holes on the bowl’s wall.

Its beauty is just priceless, especially when you lit up the flames. With 58,000 BTU, it can provide satisfying fire performance you might never expect before. Did you know? This is not the only thing you can benefit from this fire pit. With that construction, coating, and finish, this fire pit is made to offer you with long lasting durability. So, you can be sure to enjoy the beauty and the warmth of this fire pit for a long time.

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Best Bond 63172 Propane Fire Pit

Best Bond 63172 Propane Fire PitThis is the one that is pretty nice in its form. If we have to refer its form, we would say that it is made to look like square pillar with it being made of piles of flat rocks. There is bowl at the top which has plenty of lava rocks provided to actually cover the ring while giving us an elegant look. Placing such firebowl in each of the two sides of door gives you the feel of being in the old castle at night. You can use it to realize such thing.

The fire pit’s dimensions are 20.8 inches x 20.8 inches x 29.1 inches. It is tall enough to serve for such thing. You don’t have to worry. The burner is that of stainless steel. It is made strong enough to withstand corrosion and heat. Indeed, it is a good firelight, but it serves the main purpose of fire pit that is for giving plenty of warmth for us. With 20,000 to 30,000 BTUs, this fire pit works pretty well both outdoors or indoors.

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Outland Propane Fire Pit 870 Premium Edition 870

Outland Propane Fire Pit 870 Premium Edition 870This fire pit here will be your choice if you are looking rich-looking one. What can’t it be rich? Although it has brass-toned body, there is decorative, golden belt below the line of decorative holes above it. When the fire is lit, you will be sure to get amazed at it. It takes the form of a stove, so it is small enough to be brought and used for camping outdoor. This product dimensions are 18.5 inches x 18.5 inches x 12 inches.

Weighing for 24.5 pounds only, you can be sure to bring it along everywhere you want to enjoy fire-gazing outdoor. Not to mention, this fire pit has decorative rock set included if you purchase it. It looks more natural with the rock in. With as much as 58,000 BTU of fire goodness, you can expect no less from this fire pit. The flame is smokeless, so it feels great to have fire gazing with it while chatting with friends or family.

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Endless Summer GAD1401M Gas Outdoor Fire Pit

Endless Summer GAD1401M Gas Outdoor Fire Pit

Patrice V

The last fireplace here takes the form of tall wicker basket. However, it is sure to be made of steel with black as its tone. The top is square with fire pit in the middle. If we have to say what’s pretty much highlighted in this fireplace, we would say that it is made to be durable in its construction. It can happen because this fireplace is made to have weather resistance with such construction. It is sure to last for a long time.

Lava rocks are included as well, so you can get natural look of burning rocks from this fireplace. With 30,000 BTU, it is sure to bring classic feeling while fire gazing with this fireplace. Its dimensions are 32.1 inches x 32.1 inches x 27.6 inches. So, you can tell yourself how big and tall it is for you. It also weighs as much as 59.8 pounds. That is why it is better to be placed and used in patio. You will happy with it around.

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Now, we have reached the end of this article. After what we have been talking all along, you must have known the good way to choose the best propane fire pit. Yes, you have to consider it based on your needs. Only then, it can be the best for you. The 6 fire pits above are the ones with different use. They vary enough for you to pick one from. You can consider them all and find the one that suits you the most.