5 Best Outdoor Fire Pit December 2017

People in the past liked to do fire-gazing while camping. Normally, they would burn real logs to make the campfire. Today, you can do this even at home without making a fuss of preparing logs and burning them. You don’t even have to get the smoke out of it. The product that can help you get such things is called outdoor fire pit. Here, we would like to share you 5 kinds of the best outdoor fire pit great to consider.

The Amount of Fire Goodness Offered

Before we talk about those 5 fire pits, it is best to know several things beforehand. One of them is that you need to check on the amount of fire goodness offered by the one you set your eyes on. What use of fire pit if the fire is not good at all? It will only lose the real use of it. That is why it is important to know the fire goodness. You can check on the fire goodness by knowing how much BTU the fire pit can offer to you.

The Weight of the Fire Pit

People don’t always want to have fire-gazing at home, you see. Outdoor fire pit is often used when camping outside too. Of course, it is because this product saves you the effort of looking for logs and burning them. Not to mention, it keeps you away from the smoke caused by burning logs. By knowing the weight, you can measure whether or not it is lightweight enough for you to carry around when going outside.

The Cover Pit is Included or Not

Other thing that you need to make sure is whether or not the cover pit is included. You might not think about it that much. However, while the outdoor fire pit is used outside, it is prone to get affected by other elements, like drops of water, breeze of wind, etc. Cover pit will be needed to give the fire longer life. Not to mention, it looks nice to enjoy fire dancing while being caged by the fire pit and the cover.

The Design of the Fire Pit

The last thing that you can consider from the fire pit you want to buy is its design. Outdoor fire pit appears in various designs after all. There are the steel-based ones, the stone-based ones, and still many more left to say. When it comes to the design, you can choose it based on your preference. Speaking about the design too, you can choose the one with nice décor for outdoor fire pits are often made decorative as well.

Those are all you need to keep in mind while choosing the best fire pit you want to buy. They should be enough to help you find the one you will need the most for whatever you will do with it. Now, let’s see the 5 outdoor fire pits we talked about earlier here below.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Best Choice Products Outdoor Fire Pit TableThis is the first fire pit we want to tell you here. It is the choice for those who are looking for fire pit that is wide enough for it to serve as table as well. Made of extruded aluminum, this fire pit table is made strong to last for years to come. Being painted in dark brown, this fire pit table can blend well with outdoor circumstances. This product offers great deals to us, indeed. It is not the one for camping outside though.

Even so, having it at home is great enough. Did you know? This fire pit table can burn at 42,000 BTUs. It sure burns far greater than other fire pits. You can expect better fire goodness from it. Let us tell you here that it is also far heavier than the others too. Weighing for as much as 80 pounds, this fire pit table is good enough to stay in your backyard or patio. Don’t worry! You can get cover to protect it from the rain.

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Heininger Portable Propane Best Outdoor Fire Pit

Heininger Portable Propane Best Outdoor Fire Pit
When it comes to the design, this outdoor pit is pretty chic. It has the form of an old stove which had oil as its fuel. It also has four legs with a ring connecting them at the bottom which supports the fire pit container on it. This outdoor fire pit has brass tone on it. With it having some decorative hole on the wall of the container, you will see the fire dancing amazingly in it.

If it is about the fire goodness, you should have known it already from the product name itself. Yes, it can offer as much as