Top 7 Best Grill Under 500 December 2017

If you want to cook steaks, burgers, sausages, or other meats by grilling them, you need to use a grill machine. Grill comes with various styles and designs. The features are also different from one grill to another. That is why the prices are also different. It is affected by various factors. Some grills that are priced more than $ 500 but there are also many grills that can be bought with less than $ 500. If you consider the affordable one, you have to be able to get the best grill under 500.

The Factors That Affects the Grill Prices

Different grill prices are affected by various factors. One of the factors is the brand. Of course the more popular brands offer the higher prices for the grills they produce. So, you have to be careful in buying it. The more expensive grills do not always have the better quality. You have to make sure that the brands of the grill have a good popularity. Besides the brand, the types also affect the price. There are some types of grill. For example, charcoal grills are usually less expensive than gas and electric grills.

Besides those two factors, the models can also affect the prices. It relates to the designs of the grill you buy. The better designs usually have the better features. Of course, the prices will also be higher. Make sure that the grill you buy has the features you need for grilling. Then, the grill prices also relate to the size. The bigger size of grill does not always have the higher prices. Sometimes, smaller sizes are more expensive because they are portable.

The Price Ranges of Grill

If you want to buy a new grill, you have to customize it to your budget. For example, you want to buy the best grill under $500. So, you should focus on the lower price. Different grills are priced differently. If you look for a grill under $500, it is very easy because most of grills are priced less than $500. Even more, some grills are priced less than $100 but they offer great features. See ebst small gas grill. So, you have to focus on the quality and features it offers.

There are 4 types of grill. They are gas grill, electric grill, charcoal grill, and portable grill. From those types of grill, which type is the least expensive one and which type is the most expensive one? From those types of grill, gas grills are commonly most expensive. After gas grills, electric grills can be considered as the second most expensive. The next most expensive grill is portable grill and the least expensive one is charcoal grill.

That is all what you have to know about the price of grill. After you know the factors that affect the grill prices and the prices ranges of grill, now you can start to look for the best grill you want. Here are some options for the best grill less than $500.

Dyna Glo DGE Series Propane Best Grill Under 500

Dyna Glo DGE Series Propane Best Grill Under 500This grill can be one of the best options for you. Priced with under $ 400, this grill is still affordable for many people. It belongs to gas grill so that the operating is easier. It is also the most favorite type for modern grill. This grill is powered by gas with 50,000 for 5 burners and 12,000 BTU for the side burner. With this power, it can grill fast and well.

There are many interesting features it offers. One of them is the 708 square feet of the cooking space. Besides that, the cooking grates are made from stainless steel for 7 mm. The stainless steel materials are also used for heat tents and warming racks. Then, you can also store meats or anything else easily in the full storage chart and tank tray it has. In addition, it is also protected with a Dyna Glo of premium cover.

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Char Broil 4 Burner Gas Grill Under 500

Char Broil 4 Burner Gas Grill Under 500If you are looking for an affordable grill with 4 burners, this grill can be a good option. Similar to the first option, it also belongs to gas grill. It is powered by gas with 48,000 BTU as well as 10,000 BTU for the side burner. Talking about the design, it has a medium size with. This grill comes with primary cooking grates for 480 square inches made from cast iron that are coated with porcelain. The swing away is also coated with porcelain.

To add the work space, it applies painted side shelves that are big enough made from metal. Besides that, you should also be sure that it is very durable because the fascia, control panel, handle, and lid are made from stainless steel. The doors are also made of stainless steel that makes them not only durable but also stylish and easy cleaning.

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Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Gas Grill

Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Gas GrillThis affordable grill can be considered as the best grill under 500 because of some reasons. You need to look at the features it has. Belongs to gas grill, it is powered by 2 burners made from stainless steel with 26,500 BTU for each hour. Then, it is featured with cooking grates that are made of cast iron and enameled with porcelain. Besides, it offers Flavorized bars that are enameled with porcelain, too. That is why it is very durable.

You can operate it easily because it applies a button for ignition system and you just need to push it. Therefore, anyone can use it simply. If you buy this grill, you will also get some a set of grill because the set of this grill includes grilling guide, Owner’s guide, size tool hooks, and fuel gauge with LP model. Even more, this grill is also guaranteed.

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Blackstone Best Grill Under 500 Outdoor Griddle Station

Blackstone Best Grill Under 500 Outdoor Griddle StationStill from gas grill, it can also be one of your best choices. This grill will be best for outdoor grill. Comes with a large griddle cooking, it is very perfect for outdoor cooking. The griddle is made of stainless steel that is very durable. With 36 inches, it is appropriate for you who like cooking a big amount. Besides heat resistant, the griddle is also very thick so that it is really strong as well as durable.

There are 4 burners it offers. The burners of this grill are controlled independently. So, you can control the heat or temperature to grill the foods you want. This grill is able to produce 60,000 BTU so that it can grill meats or other foods fast. That is why this grill is appropriate for you who like cooking or grilling meats fast with a big amount.

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Best Traeger Grill Under 500 TFB29LZA Junior Elite

Best Traeger Grill Under 500 TFB29LZA Junior EliteThis grill is also recommended so much for you. Even though the price is more than $ 400, it is still under $ 500. This affordable grill is designed with modern and luxurious model so that there are many people who are interested in it. Comes with 300 square inches or 20” x 15” of grilling area, it is enough to grill many foods per grilling. At the same time, you can cook or grill up to 12 burgers, 28 hot dogs, 4 chickens, or three rib racks.

There are many sophisticated and interesting features it offers. One of them is the thermostat control of the grill that is multi position with LED digital. It is not only sophisticated but also attractive. There are still many other features that you can enjoy if you buy it. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed buying it.

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Smoke Hollow 3500 Charcoal Gas Grill Under $500

Smoke Hollow 3500 Charcoal Gas Grill Under $500This grill belongs to both gas and charcoal grills because it can work with either gas or charcoal. So, you can decide it whether you will grill using the gas or charcoal burners. It depends on your desire. It also makes you have more options for grilling so that you will not be bored and the taste will also be various.

If you prefer using the gas burner, this grill will uses 3 tube burners with 10000 BTU that are made from stainless steel so that they are heat resistant and very durable. This grill also offers side burner with 10000 BTU. Of course, it becomes a good offer. Then, it also offers cooking grids made of cast iron on both charcoal and gas cooking areas of this grill. The cooking area offered by this grill is 860 square inches so that you can use it efficiently.

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Coleman Roadtrip Grill NXT 300

Coleman Roadtrip Grill NXT 300The last recommended option is Coleman 2000012521 Roadtrip NXT 300. This grill belongs to portable grill so that you can use it anywhere such as indoor, outdoor, or even for picnic. Besides that, the taste quality is very amazing so that you can grill your foods anytime whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Then, you can also use it for personal purpose or family cooks depending on your need.

There are many features it offers. For the grilling space, it offers 321 square inches. With this cooking space, you can grill up to 18 burgers per cooking. The materials used are also strong and durable. You can grill burgers fast because it uses 20,000 BTU for the cooking intensity. To store foods or anything else, it has storage with tight space. Other interesting features like thermometer, swivel grease cups, etc are also applied.

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In conclusion, you can easily find grills with less than $500. However, you have to compare the options and choose the best one carefully. From the recommended options above, you can choose one of them to get the best grill under 500 based on your desire.

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