Top 8 Best Grill Under 200 December 2017

There are many people who like burgers, sausages, steaks or other grilled meats. In fact, grilled foods taste very delicious. That is why you need to try grilling foods. If you are interested in grilling foods, you need to buy a grill first. There are many options of grill available in the market. Some of them are priced high but there are many grills that are priced low. For example, you want to buy a grill with less than $ 200. So, you have to know what to consider to get the best grill under 200 and to compare the most recommended options.

The Styles That You Can Choose

There are some styles of grill that you can choose. The most popular ad favorite grill is gas grill. Besides that, there is also electric grill. This grill is also a good choice but you need electric to use this grill. That is why this grill is commonly applied for indoor. Then, charcoal offers the low price. It also offers the smoky taste so that you can also choose it. Another type is portable grill where it comes with small size and easy moving. Anyway, you have to choose the best grill style under $ 200.

The Common Prices of Grill under $ 200

If you are looking for a grill under $ 200, you should focus on the lower prices. Because the prices are different, you have to compare them carefully. There are many grill options that you can buy. Even more, some grills are only priced less than $ 100. What to keep in mind is that the higher price does not mean the better quality. So, you should pay attention to some factors for your considerations.

What to Consider in Finding the Best Grill under $ 200

There are many things that you need to consider to buy the best grill under $ 200. See also best grill under 500. Of course, the first thing is the brand. Brand shows that quality. You have to make sure that grill brand you choose has a good popularity. Besides that, you also need to pay attention to the models. For example, you want a grill with side burner. Then, the size is also very important. If you want a portable grill, small size is your priority. Material also has an important role to get the best grill. Stainless steel can be the best option because it is strong heat resistant, water resistant, and durable. It also looks good.

That is all the things that you have to know before you buy a grill. Hopefully the tips above will be useful to find the best grill with affordable price. In fact, there are so many grills that are priced with low prices but have great quality. So, you should pay attention to those factors when you look for the grill you want. If your budget is $ 200 or lower, you should compare the following options and choose the most appropriate one for your need.

Coleman Best Grill Under 200 2000017442

Coleman Best Grill Under 200 2000017442You can also consider this grill. It belongs to portable grill so that you can use it anywhere. You can easily move it from one place to another either indoor or outdoor. Even more, it is also appropriate for picnic. You can set and fold it fast because it has a compact design. It also applies wheels to add the portability.

For more food options, it offers interchangeable cook tops. Besides, it also applies instastart ignition. Then, the performance is also consistent is any condition because of the PerfectFlow technology. You can also keep ingredients and tools handy. Thank to the sliding side table and slide out for the compact storage to add the easiness. Lastly, because it has removable greasy grill tray and surface made of cast iron and coated with porcelain, this grill is easy cleaning so that you can maintain it easily.

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Char Broil Charcoal Best Grill Under 200

Char Broil Charcoal Best Grill Under 200It is also a good idea if you buy this charcoal grill. It comes with various options. They are 580 square inches, 580 square inches plus charcoal starter, 580 square inches plus cover, 780 square inches, 780 square inches plus charcoal starter, and 780 square inches plus cover. For the cooking surface, it offers 580 square inches for the main cooking surface as well as 180 square inches for the secondary cooking space. The cooking surface is made from cast iron coated with porcelain.

It can be considered as the best grill under 200 with some features offered. This grill is featured with cast iron for the front access to tend the fire. Besides, it also applies minimum heat loss to control the heat. Then, the fire pan is adjustable height so that you can grill foods you want comfortably based on your desire.

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Char Broil Classic Best Grill Under 200

Char Broil Classic Best Grill Under 200This grill is one of the best sellers today. Comes with under $ 200 price, there are many people who are interested in it. It belongs to gas grill that has 4 burners with 40,000 BTU. Besides that, it is also added with 10,000 BTU for the lidded side burner. You can also use the electronic ignition. This system offers you a reliable spark in every push. So, you have more options in grilling your foods.

It has 2 kinds of cooking. The main cooking is designed with 480 square inches on iron grates that is coated with porcelain whereas the secondary cooking is 180 square inches on swing away that is coated with porcelain. You can also use the extra workspace it offers on the side shelves made from large metal. For the durability and more attractive style, this grill uses stainless steels for the fascia, control panel, handle, and lid.

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Char Broil Best 2-Burner Gas Grill Under 200

Char Broil Best 2-Burner Gas Grill Under 200The nest option is Char Broil Classic 360. It belongs to gas grill that is very affordable. This grill comes with 2 burners. The main burner provides 35,000 BTU whereas the side burner offers 8,000 BTU. Those burners will give the best performance of grilling. So, the foods will be grilled evenly fast. It also offers 2 cooking areas. The main cooking area has 360 square inches for the size whereas the secondary cooking area offered is 170 square inches. So, the total cooking area is 530 square inches.

Besides that, it also offers various interesting features. One of them is the front panel. Then, this grill is also featured with black condiment basket that is made of plastic. In addition, you should also thank to the firebox as well as lid that are both made from porcelain steel so that it is very durable.

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Weber 14401001 Best Charcoal Grill Under 200

Weber 14401001 Best Charcoal Grill Under 200If you consider a charcoal grill, this grill can be one of the best options for you. Besides the black modern color, this grill is also portable so that it gives you many benefits. It is designed for 38.5” x 27” x 22.5”. The lid and bowl offered are enameled with porcelain with 22 inches of the diameter. The cooking area offered by this grill is 363 square inches that will be ideal for you all.

There are many features that this grill offers. One of them is the cooking grate that is made of steel. The heat resistant makes it very durable. It also applies “One Touch” cleaning system made of steel that is removable. It also offers high capacity so that you can grill meats with great amount at the same time. You can also find a catcher made of aluminum ash.

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Char Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Grill Under 200

Char Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Grill Under 200This electric grill will also be a good choice for you. Comes with red color, it looks very attractive. Actually, there are also various other color options. Based on the design, it has a compact design. It also looks stylish. The wheels will make you easy to move it anywhere you want because it is very portable. Anyway, it is very perfect for you who cannot use charcoal or gas grill.

The infrared cooking system will make you able to grill the foods evenly anytime with your desire. Besides, it has a grilling area with 320 square inches. This grilling surface allows you to cook up to 12 burgers at the same time. Besides easy cleaning, this electric grill is also affordable because the premium grilling grates are coated with porcelain so that they are rust resistant. That is why this grill is very durable to use.

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Zojurushi EB-DLC10 Best Grill Under 200 Indoor

Zojurushi EB-DLC10 Best Grill Under 200 IndoorThis electric grill is designed simply. However, it is only appropriate for indoor. So, if you want to use it in your indoor kitchen, you can consider buying it. Even though it is affordable, this grill has a great heating element that is powered by 1,500 watt electric. It is high enough. So, the grilling process will be maximal with this electric power.

The grilling surface is also large enough so that you can use it for great amounts. Made from stainless steel, the body does not only look stylish but it is also very durable as well as easy to clean. The dissemble feature also adds the easy cleaning feature. In addition, you will get one year warranty especially on the labor and parts. It shows that this electric grill has a good quality. So, you should not be worry to buy this sophisticated electric grill.

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Cuisinart CGG-200 Propane Best Grill Under 200

Cuisinart CGG-200 Propane Best Grill Under 200This grill may be another best option for you who are looking for a grill under $ 200. Belongs to gas grill, its burner provides 12,000 BTU. The grill burner is made of stainless steel where it is the most durable material commonly used. The size is also ideal for you. The size of this grill is 19.5” x 27.5” x 12”. With tabletop feature, you can grill meats using it comfortably.

The ignition is very easy to start up and the cooking grate is made of durable cast iron coated with porcelain. Besides, it also offers modular grill cooking surface system as well as removable veggie panel. Other interesting features that can make you attracted to this grill are the temperature gauge and foldable side shelves. Considering the features and everything it offers, it is very reasonable if it can be considered as the best grill under 200.

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