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10 Best Gas Grills under $500 December 2017

ImageProductCooking AreaBurnerPower SourceDimensionWhere to Buy
Char-Broil Classic 6-Burner Char-Broil Classic 6-Burner Primary: 250 sq. inches Secondary: 90 sq. inches 6 Burners Propane 65.5 x 47.5 x 23 Inches
Char-Broil Classic Cabinet Char-Broil Classic Cabinet Primary: 480 sq. inches Secondary: 208 sq. inches 4 Burners Gas 60 x 46.5 x 19 Inches
Broil King 922554 Baron S420 Broil King 922554 Baron S420 Primary: 444 sq. inches Secondary: 200 sq. inches 4 Burners Propane 57 x 45.5 x 24 inches
Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Primary: 450 sq. inches Secondary: 90 sq. inches 2 Burners Propane 63 x 60 x 32 Inches
Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Total: 667 sq. inches 4 Burners Natural Gas 52.76 x 46.46 x 22.64 Inches
Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Griddle Station Stainless Steel Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Griddle Station Stainless Steel Total: 720 sq. inches 4 Burners Gas 63 x 36 x 22 inches
 Dyna-Glo DGE Series Dyna-Glo DGE Series Total: 646 sq. inches 4 Burners Propane 50.7 x 46.8 x 22.62 Inches
Weber 57060001 Q3200 Weber 57060001 Q3200 Total: 393 sq. inches 2 Burners Liquid Propane 55.5 x 50.2 x 30 inches
Solaire Infrared Propane Anywhere Portable Solaire Infrared Anywhere Portable Total: 155 sq. inches 1 Burners Gas 21 x 13 x 12 inches
Smoke Hollow 3500 Smoke Hollow 3500 Total: 860 sq. inches 3 Burners Gas and charcoal 66 x 45 x 22.5 Inches

Do you want to purchase best gas grill under 500? I believe that you want to get the long last gas grills even though the prices of the grills are fewer than $500. Actually, there are many gas grills which have costs under $300 and those grills can be used over 3 years in average. Based on the Hearth, Patio, and Barbeque Association, you need to check the grills construction before you want to buy this appliance. The grill construction determines whether your gas grill will be last longer or not. You can see the sturdiness of the material before purchasing this one.

After checking the material quality, you also need to check burners. Burners are one of grill parts which can be replaced. You should ensure that your gas grill especially the burners have the long time warranty. Keeping the gas grills clean not only improve the grilled meat flavor but also extend the age of gas grills. Those are some tips that can be used to maintain your gas grill in long period. If you want to get a gas grill, there are some points that should be considered. Buying gas grills which are priced under $500 is not difficult but you have to look at the quality and performance. Here are some tips.

Cooking Space

Cooking area is an important consideration before you purchase the gas grills. You can match the spaces based on the number of family or people which usually get together in your home. If you have big number of family, you need to have the gas grills with large cooking area, and vice versa. For the common categories of grills based on the number of people, there are small, midsize, and big categories. You can buy small grill if the number of people are 18 people or less than 18 people. You should buy midsize gas grills if the number of people is around 18 up to 28 people. You need to buy big gas grill if the number of people is more than 28 people. However, you can buy small grill if the number of people more than 28 but you should grill the food from many times.

British thermal units per hour (Btu/hr)

Besides the prices, most people who want to purchase the gas grill look at the British thermal units (BTU). The level BTU often becomes the parameter of high quality of gas drill. They think that the higher BTU is provided by the gas drills, the faster grilled food is served. However, the statement is not true enough. There is an experiment that shows the bigger BTU in gas drill does not guarantee the faster cooking.

Safety concerns

When you use kitchen appliance, there is an important thing that should think and it is safety. Before buy the gas grill, do not hesitate to check or push each angle of the grill. You can check the firebox, cart, lid and shelves. You need to ensure that your knuckle is not too near to the lid. If the space is too close, you will get burned. You also need to check the space in other parts for your safety while grilling the food.

Char Broil K6B Propane Best Gas Grill under 500

Char Broil K6B Propane Best Gas Grill 6-Burner under 500Are you still confused to choose the best grill appliance which fit for your large backyard party? Here is a best grill which can be utilized. This Char Broil K6B provides the great cooking space and of course, this one is best choice for big family party. Some users said that this Char Broil K6B can provide the good heat to get the crispy steak.

Manufactured by the good reputation company, Char Broil, this Char Broil K6B provides some features. This Char Broil K6B has seven burners, six primary burners and one side burners. The heat which can be generated by main burner can reach up to 65,000 BTU whereas the side burner is around 10,000 BTU. This Char Broil K6B also has spacious cooking spaces, around 900 squares inches. The materials also have the best quality, the cast iron for cooking grate and chrome for warming grate. In addition, it has locking system-castors and an electronic ignition.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 03:43:51
Gas Grill under 500 Char Broil K6BDyna-Glo DGE Series Propane GrillSUPER SPACE 60000 BTU
 Char Broil K6B  Dyna-Glo DGE Series Propane Grill SUPER SPACE 60000 BTU
Burner 6-Burner 4-Burner 6-Burner
Weight 152 pounds 125 pounds 91 pounds
Power Source Propane Propane Propane
Dimensions 65.5 inches x 47.5 inches x 23 inches 50.7 inches x 46.8 inches x 22.62 inches 52 inches x 46.5 inches x 24.5 inches
Color Black Stainless Black-Silver
Where to Buy
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Weber Spirit E210

Best Weber Spirit E210 Liquid PropaneThe Weber Spirit E21 can be categorized as the best full size grill belonging to entry level and his grill appliance is relatively affordable. The enclosed cart is provided by this Weber Spirit E210 and the system of cooking, around 26,500 British Thermal Units, has two burners from stainless steel. Besides that, the porcelain enameled is quite easy to be cleaned.

Addressing to the need of large outdoor cooking appliance, this Weber Spirit E210 has some useful features. This Weber Spirit E210 has two tubular burners which are made from stainless steel and each has 13, 250 British thermal units. The main cooking area is 360 inches from the total cooking are, around 450 square inches where as the primary burner is around 26,500 BTU. The side tables also can be folded down so it allows you to keep this Weber Spirit E210 in many places. However, you need to buy propane tank and cover which are sold separately.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 12:51:16
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Smoke Hollow 3500 with side burner

Smoke Hollow 3500 with side burnerSome people will do something unique when their family or friends get together. They sometimes want to have the barbeque party in the outdoor. Smoke Hollow 3500 Gas/Charcoal/Smoker is one the important appliance which can be used to make your family party perfect. This Smoke Hollow 3500 appliance comes with many features. You can select either gas propane or liquid propane. For the cooking surface, this Smoke Hollow 3500 is measured 860 miles of the surface.

Besides that, this Smoke Hollow 3500 can be moved easily so that you can set this appliance in many places. Another feature is this smoke hollow allows you to cook various foods in outdoor area. Besides that, it is also easy to resemble so that all ages can use this appliance comfortable. In addition, you can choose the style of BBQ that you prefer. This Smoke Hollow 3500 is also possible to be added with wood-flavored which can make your outdoor cooking awesome.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 11:52:58
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Char-Broil 4-Burner Affordable

Char-Broil 4-Burner AffordableThis type of gas grill can be grouped as best gas grill under 500. This Char-Broil is the affordable and powerful barbeque grill which has some features. With its special features, this Char-Broil can be a great choice for your outdoor cooking. This Char-Broil 4-Burner has four main burners which can generate the good heat. In addition, this Char-Broil 4-Burner also provides some cooking space so that it can ease you to be used both in large party and in small party. It also has a good design which looks so attractive.

Those main burners can generate the heat up to 38,000 BTUs and this Char-Broil 4-Burner is also completed by a side burner which can generate the heat up to 10,000 BTU. The burner is fast enough to heat food in 500 degrees Fahrenheit around three minutes. Besides that, this Char-Broil 4-Burner is relatively spacious. It can be used to cook to 24 burgers altogether.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 12:51:20
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Dyna-Glo DGE486SSP

Dyna-Glo DGE486SSPThis type of bbq is also categorized as best product under 500. This Dyna-Glo DGE486SSP is one of best options for those who want to get outdoor barbeques. Some parts of this Dyna-Glo DGE486SSP is made from stainless steel which make this Dyna-Glo DGE486SSP attractive. There are four main burners which can generate the heat up to 10,000 BTU and there is a side burner which generates the heat up to 12,000 BTU. All of the burners are made from stainless steel which can protect your grill from rust. This Dyna-Glo DGE486SSP is also equipped by heat control which can be used to manage the heat from the burners.

Besides good design and high quality of material, this Dyna-Glo DGE486SSP is also spacious to cook. It has around 640 square inches cooking space which can be used to cook some foods in the same time. If you want to grill hamburger, you can grill the hamburger up to 24 portions.

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Dyna-Glo Black Stainless DGA480SSN

Dyna-Glo Black Stainless DGA480SSN NaturalDo you want to grill the perfect meat? This Dyna-Glo DGA480SSN will accommodate you to have it. This type of grill provides the high quality cooking system which makes your family or friend getting together in your home. This Dyna-Glo DGA480SSN is built from the good quality of the materials. The main burners are made from stainless steel which can generate the heat up to 48,000 BTUs. Besides that, this Dyna-Glo DGA480SSN is also equipped with a side burner which is also built from stainless steel. It can generate the heat around, 12,000 BTUs.

Another feature is the large cooking space. It has around 667 square inches of cooking area and it is relatively large to serve the grilled food in large backyard gathering. Besides building from stainless steel, some parts of this Dyna-Glo DGA480SSN are also made from cast iron which can retain the heat. It is also easy enough to clean.

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From category: Grill
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Blackstone Griddle Station

Blackstone Griddle StationThe Blackstone gas griddle is categorized as the grills with low prices. It has the interesting and unique design. Besides that, this Blackstone Griddle Station is equipped with large cooking space. This griddle has the sturdy surfaces which are made from stainless steel. In addition, this griddle is also completed by 4 primary tube burners made from stainless steel and the steel which is used to protect your from burning is thick enough. In addition, there are four tube burners which can generate the heat, around 60,000 BTUs. However, this gas griddle is not completed with the side burner so you only use the top burners to grill your food.

Because of the spacious cooking area, this Blackstone griddle is a good choice for you who want to hold a large family gathering. This griddle can be used to grill the hamburgers up to 37 hamburgers. The warranty of this griddle is 90 days from your purchasing date.

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Weber Q3200 57060001

Weber Liquid Propane Grill under 500 Q3200 57060001Another grill which can accommodate you to have a perfect barbecue is Weber Q3200 grill. This Weber Q3200 can be the right choice to make the nice grill for small or medium number of people. In addition, it is portable grill which can be moved easily.

This Weber Q3200 has some features which can ease you to get the best grilled food. There is a start button which can be used to start grilling in short time. In addition, this Weber Q3200 is equipped with grate which is made from cast iron which allows you to cook steak easily and quickly. This Weber Q3200 is also equipped by two tables which can be replaced and folded so that you can bring it easily. This Weber Q3200 also has two burners which are made from stainless steel and the burners can produce the heat up to 21,700 BTUs. Besides that, the cooking space is around 393 square inches.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 03:43:41
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Solaire Stainless Steel Portable

Solaire Stainless Steel Portable PropaneThe Solaire Portable allows you to grill the food everywhere and every time. You can enjoy the perfect grilled food by this Solaire Portable appliance. This Solaire Portable has outstanding equipment, an Infrared Burner. By using the special burners, you will get the high heat which can make your food tasteful and flavorful. You can also grill a barbeque which can be done by conventional bbq appliance. High heat is usually demanded by professional chefs to have the delicious grilled foods.

The weight of the Solaire is just 20 pounds and the light weight allows you to bring it in picnics, camping, backyard party, and the other gathering family. This Solaire is also made from stainless steel which can protect your appliance from rust. In addition, the cooking space is around 155 square inches. This space is quite small and you can use it for the small party with few people.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 03:43:37
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Broil King 922554

Broil King 922554Another best gas grill under 500 is 922554 Liquid Propane Grill from Broil King. Have you ever faced running out propane while you are grilling food? When you feel like that, I believe that you feel incontinence and the best solution for the problem is a propane grill. This Broil King 922554 has 444 square inches primary cooking space which is built from stainless steel. This Broil King 922554 has grate which is made from cast iron and this Broil King 922554 is also equipped with the Flav-R wave system which can be used to enhance the grilled food flavors and to provide smokey flavor. Total space of the cooking surface is around 644 square inches and it is relatively large to grill some foods, such as: meats, chicken, steak, and the other grilled foods. In addition, the burner is completed with super infinity burner and the primary burner can reach the heat up to 40,000 BTUs.

Last price update: 2018-11-18 15:43:07

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