6 Tips for Your Arts and DIY Crafts Projects

In case you like to make your own DIY crafts, here are some ideas and tips that can help you with your supply. Being a creative person myself, I find myself dealing with small but annoying things that can affect my mood. For instance, I kept buying some new markers over and over again, and yet I didn’t use them that much! I used them once or twice and then kept them. But later, when I wanted to use them, they dried up! It was irritating because I had to spend money to buy the markers again and again. It turned out that it was my fault; I did wrong in storing and keeping them. Now that I know the tips, I’m not worried about my markers being dried up again.6 Handy Tips for Your Arts and Crafts Projects1

Tips #1. Use cornstarch to deal with sticky substance. You may find your working desk or your artistic items have this sticky substance that affects the overall perfect appearance – it may be glue or other substances. Simply sprinkle that corn starch on the sticky substance (just a bit – not too much), rub it gently, and the annoying substance will go away. You don’t have to spend money to buy any cleaner. And don’t worry; there won’t be any remaining white substance.

Tips #2. If you work a lot with scissors, they tend to get dull pretty fast, right? Don’t bother to buy new scissors; you only waste money. Use sandpaper to make them sharp again. Just cut a small part, run your scissors on it, and your scissors will be as good as new. This is a simple and cheap trick, and you don’t have to buy scissors again and again – no matter how busy you are with them.

Tips #3. You can use hot glue without having to worry about creating strings in the end. You can keep the glue in the freezer or use a petroleum jelly. You will find out that the result is perfect and clean, and you won’t be bothered with the strings anymore. However, in case you do create strings because of using the hot glue, use a blow dryer and they will go quickly.6 Handy Tips for Your Arts and Crafts Projects

Tips #4. If you often use gift-wrap papers, you can make use of the tubes. They can be used to store some of small items. Use rubber band on the bottom so it will provide good and solid grounding. You can use the tubes to keep brushes, pipe cleaners, and other tall items that can be grouped together.

Tips #5. If you want to keep your paint pens, magic markers, or general markers, make sure to store them in horizontal manner. Storing them in standing position will only dry the ink off because of gravity. Simply make sure that you have the right containers to keep them up.

Tips #6. When you have to make flowery form from tissue paper, here is the tip to make it perfect and wrinkles free. Hold the tissue paper and pinch starting from the middle. Then twist it and you will get yourself a perfect result. It is very easy and hassle free.

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